2014 Season Finales – January to March

While the greater majority of network TV shows end in May, there are a handful of programs I regularly watch which have recently (or, in some cases, not so recently) wrapped up. Since I like a fair amount of television, I figured I’d help myself out a little by splitting up my Season Finale Report Card in . . . halves? Thirds? Five at a time?

Whatever, here’s what I got so far.

DISCLAIMER: There will be SPOILERS. Just so you know.



Oh, awesome. So awesome. This was not only the season but the series finale of Psych, and it was basically everything I wanted from the last episode of the show. The case itself wasn’t really a big deal, and that was fine — I didn’t really want or need some kind of huge villain mastermind trying to one-up the Yin-Yang trilogy. (Especially considering I hated how that one concluded. Hated. I’m still a little bitter about it.)

What Psych did instead was focus on all the emotional relationship stuff, and while “The Break-Up” was still funny, it did a great job at hitting all the real moments between characters too, and that was hugely satisfying for me. For Christ’s sake, I actually got all choked up when Shawn was saying goodbye and apologizing to Gus. Lassie’s reaction to Shawn’s confession was perfection. The proposal was adorable, and if Billy Zane wasn’t good enough, holy JESUS, they got VAL KILMER. If you don’t watch this show, you probably don’t know why that’s amazing, but it so totally is. The only way they could possibly have one-upped this episode was if they had managed to get Emilio Estevez on it, since literally everyone else who’s still alive from The Breakfast Club has guest-starred at least once . . . but that’s okay. Because VAL KILMER. Also, McNab got promoted! YES!

I pretty rarely stick with shows until the bitter end, and when I do — well, I often find those ends just too damn bitter to enjoy. But this, this might be my favorite season finale of all time.





Sleepy Hollow


Okay, so it’s been quite a while since “Bad Blood” aired, and while I thought I wrote down some initial reactions back in, like, January . . . well, apparently, I didn’t. So. From what I remember, I enjoyed this well enough. People’s reactions seemed pretty divided, depending on how they felt about the Henry Parish twist. For my part, I kind of loved it for two reasons: one, John Noble was being wasted in the role of the sin eater, so I’m all on board for seeing him as an actual villain next season, and two, this actually subverts all of my expectations about Jeremy coming back as a hot, whiny, twenty-something year old, which is basically the best news EVER.

Plus, who doesn’t like a cliffhanger? Peril, peril for everyone!





The Walking Dead

walking dead

Hm. About this one, I’m a little . . . underwhelmed. I mean, it’s not a bad episode. Rick’s ongoing morality/immorality wheel is not my favorite thing about this show, but I figure it’s relatively well-handled here, and the scene where you’re just listening to Rick stab the shit out of this guy . . . that’s pretty good. And I also like the actual moment when Rick realized, ‘Hey, I know that watch’  . . . although his automatic ‘Let’s attack the superior forces’ game plan could use a little work. But I don’t know. Everyone gets corralled into the train car, and I just was kinda like, shrug.

Like I said, I didn’t hate it — and it was so much better than the third season finale, Christ — but I was still hoping for a little more. Though, admittedly, I’m hard-pressed to say exactly what that little more should have been.

Next season: Tyrese, Carol, and Baby Judith to the rescue?





Almost Human

almost h

Well, that was . . . underwhelming. Both the season finale and the whole season, really.

This is disappointing because I really, really wanted to like Almost Human. And I do like parts of it, the parts that are named Michael Ealy, anyway. But when I’m not even getting what I want out of Karl Urban . . . who I adore . . . you know there are problems. It’s so frustrating. The way some people feel utterly let down by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? That is how I feel about Almost Human. There is so much unused potential that it kind of kills me, and unless I hear about some amazing changes in the works, I doubt I’m going to come back to it next season. (Assuming the show even gets renewed.)

But anyway, the finale itself . . . yeah, not good. I don’t need every season finale to be a cliffhanger, and I did like the board giving Dorian a performance review — as well as the nice moment between the boys at the end of the episode. But when you set up a big mystery at the beginning of a series with an evil ex-girlfriend who works for an evil syndicate . . . yeah, one might expect that to come up again by the end of the first season. Or that you might at least hint at almost anything we’ve learned about — like, for instance, what’s up with the damn Wall.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Nothing about this season makes any sense because FOX, for whatever reason, refused to play the episodes in order. I don’t even . . . seriously, I mean, WHAT? Why? Why, FOX, WHY?







Oh, this show. It started off slow, then picked up into crazypants awesome, and then just totally fell apart in the last two episodes. Seriously, there is absolutely no excuse for having an offscreen conversation explaining what the immortals are when your audience has been waiting for that conversation ALL SEASON. *incoherent sounds of rage*

The finale’s pretty bad. The Scythe turns out to be a major letdown. The twist that Peter was secretly involved the whole time is kind of like “. . . oh, okay.” They brought Supposedly Dead Mom in a box, only to immediately kill her off for realsies this time, and it’s just . . . disappointing, all of it. Oh, and Sarah’s pregnant now . . . cause that’s drama I’m interested in. Plus, man, do I feel bad for any adopted child who watches this. Poor Daniel. I didn’t like him the way I probably should have, but Jesus, I do feel a little sorry for him. (Even though he was totally an idiot.)

At this point, I’m not sure I’m going to continue with this series, either. I think I’m mostly watching for Hiroyuki Sanada and cute boy Balleseros, which I’m just not sure is enough anymore. (Although if they ever kill off Alan, I would get a whole lot more interested.)





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