Coming Soon-Ish: Vigilantes, Vampires, Leprechauns, and TEEN WOLF!

The Equalizer

Somewhat mixed feelings on this. I have this natural inclination towards vigilante stories, and I like both Denzel Washington and Chloe Grace Moretz quite a lot, but . . . I’m not sure. For some reason, the inclusion of the Russian mafia made me significantly less interested in the story, and I wish it looked like Moretz had a bigger role than Imperiled Hooker. (I mean, she might. I’m just not getting that impression from the trailer.)

I could try this out, but I’m not exactly getting wow, this looks AWESOME vibes from it yet. It doesn’t really seem like a fresh take on anything. And I kind of started giggling the second I saw The Old Man and the Sea. I don’t even know why. It just made me laugh.


This, though. Well. This looks original, I’ll give it that. I don’t entirely know what to do with this teaser, but it has, at least, successfully managed to grab my interest. Also, it has a great cast, led by Michael Keaton, who appears to be playing a washed up actor who once played a beloved superhero.

This is exactly how I like my casting: ridiculously on the nose.

Leprechaun: Origins

Holy crap, this looks terrible. I mean, that’s pretty apparent from the title, but still . . . wow. Is that thing really supposed to be a leprechaun? Can this franchise actually get WORSE than Leprechaun 4: In SpaceLeprechaun 5: In the Hood, and Leprechaun 6: Back 2 tha Hood? Cause at least those looked ludicrously, magically campy. This just looks awful.

Clearly, I need to see it immediately.

The Strain

I think I actually own a copy of this book — I found it for like a buck at a book fair — but never quite got around to reading it. Probably won’t, either, before July, but I might check out the television show anyway. Cause, you know. Guillermo del Toro, and it looks atmospheric and creepy enough. (Though the plane thing kind of reminds me of the pilot in Fringe. I mean, it’s totally different — I just think ‘freak plane thing’ and I think Fringe. Or Lost. We need to have more fictional freak Amtrak incidents or something.)

Also, looks like David Bradley’s in this — possibly playing a good guy, even — as well as Sean Astin and Kevin Durand, at least for a couple of episodes. I do so enjoy eight foot tall Kevin Durand. And the season is only twelve episodes long, so it might be a short, fun thing to keep me going after (sob) Game of Thrones ends this weekend.

Teen Wolf: Season 4

But who am I kidding? This is the show that’s going to keep me going after GoT is over. It’ll be a little weird and sad, not being able to obsessively marathon this season like I did with all the others. On the other hand, it might actually be nice, not being spoiled for all the big developments.

I know I probably have too high hopes, after last season’s total awesomeness, but this trailer looks pretty great. Lacrosse is back. Shirtless Derek is back. KATE IS BACK! The monsters look sufficiently creepy, and Stiles’s line about professional killers cracks me up, the way his lines pretty much always do. (I’m assuming Stiles will have a slightly less angsty season, which is fine . . . but I hope they don’t pull away from the angst entirely. You know, he DID kill people while being possessed by an evil fox spirit. I’d like to see some Feels about that, please.)

I am looking forward to June 23rd way, WAY too much.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Vigilantes, Vampires, Leprechauns, and TEEN WOLF!

  1. I will probably watch all of these except The Equalizer. Assuming I continue to like Teen Wolf and enjoy the Leprechaun series, which I’ve never seen for some reason. Obviously something called Leprechaun 6: Back 2 tha Hood is worth investigating, but I never got around to it/forgot. Also, how the hell are there SEVEN of these movies?

    • Right? It’s ridiculous, how many of them there are. I’e honestly never seen any of them all the way through, not even the first one. I watched the beginning of it, got bored, and then came back into maybe thirty or forty minutes from the end and laughed my ass off. I’ve seen a few scenes from the others, but I have not yet braved any of them in their entirety.

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