Marshmallows, Your Spin-Off is Here

Last week I posted teasers for the CW’s Veronica Mars meta-comedy spin-off web series, Play it Again, Dick. And now the very first episode is up. I just watched it, and I’m definitely going to continue. The fake credit reel is hilarious — I particularly like the Random Running Lifeguard Shot — and I’m looking forward to seeing all the other guest stars as they appear on the series. Plus, I loved Kristen Bell’s lines about why a Dick Casablancas spin-off is a weird idea:

Kristen: “Joey and Angel were beloved characters, though. Joey, you know, was all dopey sweetness and light, and Angel was so brooding and sexy.”
Ryan: “Yeah.”
Kristen: Yeah, well, Dick Casablancas was an entitled, self-involved, hedonist moron, and I mean, if you were really paying attention to the story, a likely date-rape enabler.”

Oh, it’s so true. See, people, this is why I don’t get the love for Dick Casablancas. Ryan Hansen, though, that I understand. This series is going to run eight episodes, and I’m absolutely going to check them all out.

Marshmallows, you can watch the first one here.

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