And The Winners for the Next (Imaginary) Wave of Charlie’s Angels Are . . .

This one was interesting. Going into the weekend, it looked like Team 2 had it in the bag — enough that I already went ahead and picked out pictures for the winning actresses — but some last minute votes for Team 5 tied things up. And then I was fretting because I wasn’t sure I could break that particular tie. Luckily for me, however, I stopped in to say goodbye to my mom before I left work, and she told me she’d had trouble getting her vote to show up. So, I asked her which team she wanted, and her vote broke the tie.

The next awesome ladies of Charlie’s Angels:


Amber Tamblyn


Kristen Bell


Rinko Kikuchi

Team 5! (I kind of saw this as being the slightly quirkier Charlie’s Angels group. In particular, I was seeing more Bang Bang than Mako Mori and more Casey Shraeger than Joan of Arcadia. Veronica Mars, clearly, is Veronica Mars. But obviously that’s all up to interpretation.)

Team 2 (Tracie Thoms, Maggie Lawson, and Rosario Dawson) came in a close second place. Team 1 (Emma Stone, Alison Brie, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Team 3 (Kat Dennings, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ellen Page) tied for third. Total Loser Award, sadly, goes to both Team 4 (Taraji P. Henson, Sandra Oh, and Kerry Washington), and Team 6 (Jewel Staite, Cobie Smulders, Karen Gillan), for neither team got any votes.

People who voted for the winning team, feel free to gloat. People who voted for the losing teams, feel free to grumble. And thank you all for playing.

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