Pick Your Dreamcast: The Female Ghostbusters Poll

People, I have heartlessly abandoned my imaginary Charlie’s Angels remake to talk to you about the potentially actual all-female Ghostbusters remake.


Now, if I’m being honest, I’m not buzzing with excitement over this news like some people are (or frothing at the mouth like others), probably because I don’t have the same level of nostalgia for Ghostbusters that most people have. But I’m at least a little excited because let’s face it: primarily female casts are rare, and when you see them at all, it’s usually a romantic-comedy or — maybe — a family drama. I can think of maybe ten SF comedies off the top of my head (Men in Black, Hot Tub Time Machine, Galaxy Quest, Paul, etc.) and none of them are headlined by women. So, this could be kind of cool.

Bill Murray has announced his own dream cast, and while they’re all very funny ladies, it was hard not to notice he’d — either accidentally or intentionally — created an all-white cast. (He might not have given any thought to it. Lots of people don’t see why it makes a difference, but I’m trying to be better about that because I think it does.) So, I was wondering to myself, Well, who would I rather see instead, and then decided I could just ask you people to do the work for me.

Here’s how this poll is going to go.

Unlike my Charlie’s Angels poll, I’m not separating these ladies into teams. (Mostly because that’s more work for me, and I already have a headache as is.) You pick any four actresses from my list. I’d like to see some diversity among your casts, but I won’t actually make that a requirement. The four ladies who get the most individual votes will win. In the event of a tie — which unfortunately seems likely, given the format — I will break it. So get voting.

Your Nominees:

Emma Stone (Zombieland, Easy A)
Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls, Bad Santa)
Jessica Williams (The Daily Show, Girls)
Mindy Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project)
Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, SNL)
Aisha Tyler (Archer, CSI)
Alison Brie (Community, Scream 4)
Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek)
Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, Drake & Josh)
Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow, Shame)
Kat Dennings (Thor, Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist)
America Ferrera (Ugly Betty, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)
Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog)
Tina Fey (30 Rock, SNL)

The poll will be open about a week. I’d love it if you voted here in the comments, but I will also take votes on Facebook or Twitter, provided I see them. (If not, sorry, but you’re SOL.) I’m also happy to hear actresses you would’ve liked to have seen included in the poll, but — and I cannot stress this enough — you must pick FOUR actresses from MY list for your vote to be considered. If you do not, I will not count your vote.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go blow my nose for the sixtieth time today. Happy voting!

12 thoughts on “Pick Your Dreamcast: The Female Ghostbusters Poll

  1. That’s weird. My comment seems to have been swallowed up.

    I chose Yvette Nicole Brown even though I’m worried how her role would be written in a comedy.
    I chose Aisha Tyler because of Archer, even though I’ve no idea what her live action acting is like.
    I chose Emma Stone because of how awesome she was in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. (YAY!)
    I chose Alison Brie because of Community (and because of Unikitty in The Lego Movie).

    Lot of names I couldn’t vote for (cause I’ve never seen them perform):
    Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls, Bad Santa)
    Mindy Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project)
    Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, SNL)
    Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow, Shame)

    America Ferrera (Ugly Betty, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)
    I’ve seen bits of Ugly Betty episodes. No real idea what she’s like.

    Tina Fey (30 Rock, SNL)
    I’ve seen that one Sarah Palin skit. No real idea what she’s like.

    Jessica Williams (The Daily Show, Girls)
    Not yet reached season 3 of Girls.

    Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek)
    Seen her in plenty of stuff. Really enjoyed Colombiana. But in comedy? I’m not sure she’s suited to it.

    I hope this one posts properly!

    • Blog! Stop eating people’s comments! That’s not very friendly behavior at all.

      I wish I had more interest in this newest version of The Odd Couple because I know Yvette Nicole Brown’s going to be in that, and I’d like to see her in something outside of Community. (Where Alison Brie is also awesome, of course. I kind of love Alison Brie, though. Unikitty was awesome.)

      I’ve only seen bits of Archer, but it looks funny. It’s one of those shows I keep telling myself I have to get around to sometime. I also still haven’t seen the new Spiderman movies. But I loved Emma Stone in Zombieland.

  2. I think my vote would be:
    – Emma Stone — She could pull off Ray — arrogant in a totally goofy kind of way
    – Jessica Williams — I think she could pull off the sort of Venkman type of character
    – Felicia Day — good at playing awkward and Egon-ish
    – America Ferrera — as the brilliant but straight talking Winston character

    Kinda want to add Andrew Garfield in the Janine role.

    I would say Tina Fey — but you left out Amy Poehler, which I think is a huge oversight.

    Of course, really, I would say you, me, Kat and Orfitelli. We’d be hilarious.

    • I had someone in mind for Janine the other day, but I have completely forgotten who. I wouldn’t say no to Andrew Garfield, although I actually haven’t seen him in much of anything, considering I still haven’t watched the damn Spiderman movies. (Or, for that matter, The Social Network.)

      Amy Poehler was on the shortlist, but hard cuts had to be made. And I was kind of worried that casting the two of them together in a four-person crew would make it too much The Tina & Amy Show and not leave enough for everyone else.

      We WOULD be hilarious. But who would be who, I wonder.

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