Results: Your All-Women Ghostbusters Dreamcast

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but — well — life. So, here are your picks for an all-women Ghostbusters remake.

emma s

Emma Stone

aisha t

Aisha Tyler

alison b

Alison Brie

felicia d

Felicia Day

Emma Stone and Aisha Tyler were early locks. I was pleasantly surprised by how well Aisha Tyler did, although Emma Stone is apparently the Ghostbusters Queen, considering how every single voter chose her. (Well, other than the person — who shall remain nameless — who didn’t pick anybody from the poll.) But until the very last vote, the other two members of the team were caught in a seven-way tie between Jessica Williams, Alison Brie, Zoe Saldana, Yvette Nicole Brown, America Ferrera, Felicia Day, and Tina Fey, a tie I would have been obligated to break. Had I done so, I probably would not have chosen Felicia Day (much as I like her) and would instead have gone with Jessica Williams, who I just really get a kick out of on The Daily Show. I’d definitely like to see her in more stuff.

However, my buddy Bryan did vote, and in doing so, managed to break the tie in such a way that enabled him to get his entire dreamcast in full. Devious scamp.

If Ghostbusters actually does get remade, I suspect this will not be the cast, sadly. But I’d definitely go see the hell out of this movie.

3 thoughts on “Results: Your All-Women Ghostbusters Dreamcast

  1. What, no insightful elocution about which role each woman would fill? I think Tyler would make a good Venkman, as she’s got sarcasm and mockery down pretty well. Stone would obviously be one of the super nerdy scientists, and either Day or Brie would be the other one, depending on which of them you chose to be the Winston “newcomer without a background in science” character. My gut says Day as Egon and Brie as Winston, but it could go either way.

    And for the record, if someone asks you if you’re a god . . .

  2. Archetype-wise, from this list, I’d say…

    Tyler is the Venkman of the group. The “face” and “voice” of the team. She’s got the attitude to pull that off.

    Stone is the Zeddemore (Winston), the outsider who kind of thinks the other three are nuts, but goes along for the ride and is the most grounded and the four.

    Day is the Spengler. Introverted. Very much into their own thoughts. The brains.

    Brie is the Stantz. The heart of the team. The one who gets the most excited by what they’re doing simply because they thinks it’s SO COOL.

    • I appear to be in the minority on this, but I don’t know that I particularly want the women to each play the same character (or even the archetype) from the original movie. At the very least, I’d like them to be a bit more balanced. Like, 95% of the best lines probably shouldn’t go to one character. I particularly have very little interest in the “newcomer without a background in science” character, since I think Winston was pretty mishandled. If they ARE playing girl Venkman, Stantz, etc., I would need Winston to be brought into the story way earlier.

      Although it’s fair to say that I want to see a boy Janine something fierce.

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