New Story Up at Shimmer!

Excellent news today. My story “Caretaker” is now available for free at Shimmer. The cool thing about “Caretaker” is that it’s a flash fiction and thus incredibly short. If you were to, say, make yourself a peanut butter sandwich and eat it as you read, there’s a more than decent chance you would finish the story before you finished the sandwich. It needn’t even be peanut butter, although obviously, it should be because peanut butter is amazing. (Unless you’re unfortunate enough to be allergic, in which case you have very valid reasons for disliking the stuff.) Still, feel free to make yourself a variety of clearly inferior sandwiches or even a bowl of tomato soup instead. The basic principle will remain the same.

Also at Shimmer: an interview where I discuss how my story came to be, the writing of this very blog, and many silly hats. Because I’m a ridiculous person, the interview is longer than the story itself. And if you’re looking for even more reading material, Alix E. Harrow’s “A Whisper in the Weld” is also available at Shimmer, and it’s a lovely story that’s well worth your time.

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