2014: A Year in Books

I started Little, Big over the holidays, and while it’s technically conceivable that I’ll finish by Thursday, it’s not particularly likely. Therefore, here is my list of all the books and graphic novels I’ve read over the year. (It’s down from last year. I acknowledge my failure, and repent.)

1. Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe – Bryan Lee O’Malley
2. Scot Pilgrim’s Finest Hour – Bryan Lee O’Malley
3. The Lives of Tao – Wesley Chu
4. The Shining Girls – Lauren Beukes
5. Something More Than Night – Ian Tregillis
6. The Republic of Thieves – Scott Lynch
7. Avengers Assemble – Brian Michael Bendis
8. A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent – Marie Brennan
9. Forensics: A Guide for Writers – D.P. Lyle, MD
10. Clouds of Witness – Dorothy L. Sayers
11. Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon – Matt Fraction
12. All the Beautiful Sinners – Stephen Graham Jones
13. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
14. Avengers Assemble: Science Bros – Kelly Sue DeConnick
15. Hyperbole and a Half – Allie Brosh
16. Half World – Hiromi Goto
17. Understanding Comics – Scott McCloud
18. Hawkeye: Little Hits – Matt Fraction
19. Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell
20. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake – Aimee Bender
21. The Thin Man – Dashiell Hammett
22. Unnatural Death – Dorothy L. Sayers
23. The Shambling Guide to New York City – Mur Lafferty
24. Soulless – Gail Carriger
25. We Have Always Lived in the Castle – Shirley Jackson
26. Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier
27. The Daughter of Time – Josephine They
28. Nightwing, Vol. 1: Traps and Trapezes – Kyle Higgins
29. Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls – Kyle Higgins
30. World of Trouble – Ben H. Winters
31. The Outsorcerer’s Apprentice – Tom Holt
32. Moon Over Soho – Ben Aaronovitch
33. Saga, Volume 1 – Brian K. Vaughan
34. Saga, Volume 2 – Brian K. Vaughan
35. The Golem and the Jinni – Helene Wecker
36. The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom – Christopher Healey
37. The Poisoner’s Handbook – Deborah Blum
38. Batman, Vol. 3: Death of the Family – Scott Snyder
39. Nightwing, Vol. 3: Death of the Family – Kyle Higgins
40. Injustice: Gods Among us, Vol. 1 – Tom Taylor
41. Hawkeye: LA Woman – Matt Fraction
42. Beloved – Toni Morrison
43. Saga, Volume 3 – Brian K. Vaughan
44. My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest Places – Mary Roach
45. Perfume – Patrick Süskind
46. The Doll House – Henrik Ibsen
47. As You Like It – William Shakespeare

Better luck next year, St. George. Meanwhile, Book Superlatives are up tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “2014: A Year in Books

  1. OH MY GOD YOU’VE READ THE OUTSOURCERER’S APPRENTICE! I have been searching for someone who’s read this insanity inducing book! I’ve been listening to it in audiobook as I tool around LA, and the number of times I’ve looked skeptically at my radio as I’ve done so is absurd. “Wait, are you really going there? Seriously? Oh man. Yup. Indeed. That’s the pun/joke you’re making. Sigh.” It’s like what would happen if Douglas Adams, Jasper Fforde and Carl Hiaasen had a demented love child… err… novel. The TESCO joke almost killed me I groaned so hard…

    • Heh. I picked it up in the bookstore when I was looking for something light and silly after a particularly depressing read. It fit that bill, although I probably would’ve been better off with a Terry Pratchett novel. I actually don’t remember groaning so hard at the puns — maybe they hit even worse when you actually have to hear them — but I remember the beginning drove me nuts because it felt like there were several chapters of the author telling the same joke over and over, and I was like, “Yes, I get it, it’s funny, can you please have these people meet and START THE FUCKING STORY ALREADY?”

      That being said, I did actually laugh at a decent number of lines. And I don’t know how far you are into the book, but there was definitely one relationship I genuinely enjoyed. All in all, it was a pretty okay three star book for me.

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