Coming Soon-Ish: Zombies, Assassins, and The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four

So, the interesting thing is this: if you didn’t know who the Fantastic Four were, you’d have absolutely no idea that this was a superhero movie. I’m not wild about that, but there are aspects of this trailer that I like. The cast is solid. The cinematography looks great, and I was deeply impressed with the originality of director Josh Trank’s Chronicle. If this wasn’t a superhero movie, if it was just straight up SF, I’d be all on board with this promo . . . but there are things I like to see in a superhero movie, namely, you know, superheroes. It seems concerning to me that the movie seems to be trying to hide its origins. (And if you’re looking for a more grounded, realistic film, maybe try not casting a lead who looks like he’s fifteen.)

I’m still going to remain cautiously optimistic for now, but I definitely want to see if the next trailer offers up a different look or is more of the same.

Child 44

I wouldn’t qualify this as a must-see, exactly, but I’m kind of interested in this. I won’t lie: Tom Hardy’s involvement is a big part of my interest, although it’s not the only reason, otherwise I would have seen Lawless or Warrior by now. But anything with a murder mystery will catch my eye, and the rest of this cast (Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace, Charles Dance, etc.) are similarly fantastic. I could possibly watch this as a rental.


The general premise of this movie seems to be that everyone tries to kill Salma Hayek in her apartment, while Salma Hayek (sexily) takes them all down. While I rolled my eyes repeatedly during this trailer (the idea that a woman knows how to use a gun! shocking!), let’s be real here: I will almost certainly see this movie at some point in my life. Although I’m considering making it a drinking game movie with only one rule: take a shot whenever someone needlessly strips down into a bra or panties.


I’ve been looking forward to this show since I first heard about it last . . . April? May? Whatever, it’s been a while. And guys, I am ALL about this trailer. A zombie M.E. (or possibly assistant) who solves crime, as brought to you by the guy who did Veronica Mars? Yeah, I could be into that. Adding in Zombie Sark, even if he’s just a guest star, is simply adding a cherry to the ice cream sundae. (Actually, that’s a terrible metaphor because I don’t like cherries, maraschino or otherwise. All right, he can be the caramel sauce. It’s not necessary on a hot fudge sundae, sure, and yet it’s never unwanted.)

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Zombies, Assassins, and The Fantastic Four

  1. The Fantastic Four trailer is only a teaser. That could be the reason behind the lack of obvious superheroics.

    iZombie looks like a lot of fun, and I do like Rob Thomas. More for Party Down than Veronica Mars, and this seems to have more in common with the latter, but anyway.

    • Ack, I’m so behind on comments. I’m willing to wait and see another trailer for Fantastic Four. It could still totally be awesome. I think my hesitation comes from the fact that everything I’ve heard about this movie is how serious they are about making it Realistic, very much capital R. I don’t object to making superhero movies more realistic in theory — cause, hey, we all want to buy into the story — but sometimes when I hear things like that, I wonder if they don’t mean, “We’re going to make a superhero movie for people who don’t like superhero movies.” It may totally not be applicable in this case. But I’m hoping a full trailer will give us a little more.

      I’ve heard good things about Party Down, but never got around to seeing it. Actually, it might have been over by the time I heard about it.

  2. But “Chronicle” was a superhero movie right? I mean, this Fantastic Four trailer looks kind of like “Chronicle”, so it DOES look like a superhero movie, surely? And it looks very much like it’s depicting the origins. They have an experiment that goes wrong somehow and gives people strange powers. I think they are mainly hiding the superpowers because they are still working on the effects. And I think they’ve shown here that they can get us seriously excited without showing much in the way of visual effects.

    • I like Chronicle a lot, but it was definitely a different type of superhero movie. I’m all for seeing new takes on the genre, but I’m not sure I’d want to see Fantastic Four itself in the same vein. You may be right about the special effects. As I said to Teacups, I’m willing to wait to see a different trailer. I could end up loving the hell out of this movie. I’m just hesitant right now.

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