Coming Soon-Ish: Daredevil, Amy Schumer, and Lots of Strippers

As you read this, I am hopefully on my way to New Orleans to visit friends and go to Mardi Gras for the very first time. Feel free to make your bead jokes now — everybody else already has. More importantly, I won’t be updating the blog all next week, so you’ll have to go somewhere else for your lengthy movie snark and weird clown self portraits. Obviously, plenty of snark and creepy clowns abound on the internet.

But before I go, here are some trailers:


I definitely plan to check this out, but I’m not as into this trailer as the rest of the world. I don’t know why exactly. It doesn’t look bad or anything. Darker than I expected, maybe, but I don’t mind dark, and perhaps that’s keeping in tone with the comics. I didn’t read them, so I don’t know (or much care, honestly). But it seemed like everyone was like DAREDEVIL, YES! when this trailer came out, and I was like, “Eh, okay, I still wanna see it.” On the plus side, I do enjoy the Dread Pirate Roberts look.

Cut Bank

This looks kind of interesting, though I wonder if the trailer doesn’t tell you too much about the unfolding mystery. I guess that depends on how many secrets the small town has. I also can’t help feel that they’re pressing on that whole small town shtick just a little too hard, not to mention that the possibly psychopathic stutterer feels like he’s verging on parody. Still, I like mysteries and the cast is kinda ridiculous: Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Oliver Platt, Bruce Dern, and Billy Bob Thornton. And while the director appears to have worked primarily in TV, he directed some great episodes of Psych. That counts for something, right? (Come on, “Lights, Camera . . . Homicidio” is just the best.)


Okay, I could watch this. Bill Heder seems like a funny guy (I really haven’t watched him in that much), but I am all about Amy Schumer, and I’m excited that she has a movie. Admittedly, I fear that this is going to have a predictable ending that drags the whole thing down, but I laughed several times during the trailer (even once, surprisingly, at John Cena) and at the very least, it’s kind of nice having the woman being the commitment-phobe for once. Plus, Tilda Swinton and Brie Larson are in this? That’s never a bad thing.

Magic Mike XXL

Okay, I never did see the first Magic Mike. I read a lot of surprisingly positive reviews about it, praising the complexities of the story and saying it wasn’t just a stripper movie. Of course, everybody who I’ve ever actually met said that the story was boring, but hey, at least the stripping was hot. Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll ever see either of these movies, but I will admit this teaser made me laugh. Couple of times, even.

Although, obviously, I’d be excited if there was more focus on Matt Bomer than Channing Tatum. Because that’s who I am.

And finally . . . The Lovers

Oh, wow. This looks bad. Like so, so bad. Time travel romances and coma stories aren’t my favorite thing anyway, but . . . yeah. No.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Daredevil, Amy Schumer, and Lots of Strippers

  1. I heartily enjoyed Magic Mike. Granted, it’s little more than a PG-13 retracing of the Boogie Nights template, but it has tons of heart and plenty of good humor. If nothing else, it’s a can’t-go-wrong lazy day rental.

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