My Unlikely Clown Story Has Arrived!

Happy April Fools Day, everyone. Fear no wily pranks from me today, for actual stories take precedence: The Unlikely Journal of Coulrophobia is up, and my flash piece, “Break the Face in the Jar by the Door,” is available, should you be interested in reading it.


Me and Lil’ Pennywise. The hijinks we have. The viscera that’s left behind.

Surprisingly, that’s not all. Unlikely Story plans to turn this mini-issue of offbeat clown tales into a larger anthology, tentatively titled Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix. I’m pretty excited about this project and hope it gets funded, so in addition to all the self-promotion, I’m also here to ask for your money. That’s right — it’s Kickstarter time!

Details about the project can be found here. Please take a look and see if you’re interested in helping out. There are a lot of awesome rewards — believe it or not, my particular brand of snark is actually one of them. I’m offering to write a movie review for any film the contributor wants me to watch. (Provided it’s not porn or an inspirational sports movie. I do have limits to my generosity, guys.) But there’s a lot of other neat stuff available, too. I’m pretty interested in those Mari Ness clown limericks, myself.

In the meantime, I hope you’re having a good April Fool’s Day where your tricks are funny but not too mean. (Like, don’t be those guys who pretend to be killer clowns in the middle of the night. That’s just evil, and seems like a good way to get yourself shot.)

4 thoughts on “My Unlikely Clown Story Has Arrived!

  1. I just read this, and it was fantastic, Carlie. Plus, fantasy/sci-fi based entirely or almost entirely around exploring a characters’ feelings is one of my very favourite things.

    As much as I love the prospect of torturing you with the movie of my choice, I really can’t afford to be paying $50 for it. I do find it amusing that your limits are porn and inspirational sports. (What about non-inspirational sports movies? I guess you could do The Wrestler, or other depressing sports movies which probably exist somewhere.)

    • Thank you!

      And no worries. For one, I can only assume your choice would be Showgirls, so HA. Foiled again! I feel like I should note that I didn’t set that price, nor do I know if anyone’s going to pay so much for my unknown ass, though I’ll admit it’d be cool if they did. I’d feel all useful. But I at least wanted to try and contribute something to the Kickstarter, and what with my general lack of crafting skills, I had limited things to offer. Snark, though. I will always have that to give.

      Crap, I should have said no dramatic sports movies. I’d happily review Major League or The Replacements. I just figured every dramatic sports movie WAS inspirational by nature. Curses.

      • Showgirls would definitely be the biggest contender, yeah. I would’ve strongly considered A Warrior’s Heart if it wasn’t for the rule against inspirational sports movies.

        Well, you wouldn’t be far off – the only other non-inspirational dramatic sports movie I can think of is Million Dollar Baby, perhaps. I’m not sure, as I haven’t seen it. So that’s like, one and a half examples.

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