The Movie Quotes Challenge, No. Five

Happy Monday, everybody. As you’ve no doubt cleverly deduced from the header, I have a quotes challenge for you today — movies, this time. I thought I’d give TV a bit of a break. And in case you’re new here, well, it’s all pretty self-explanatory. The only thing worth mentioning is that if a character’s name comes up in dialogue, I always replace it with BOB. I can’t make it that easy for you.

Please leave your guesses in the comments. Answers will be up next week.

1. “Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas!”

2. “My heartbeat, it beats only for you. Listen closely. It says, ‘BOB, I love you, BOB, the vault.”

3. “Have you a valediction, boyo?”

4. “Right, so, strictly speaking, BOB was your best friend. And how do you feel about the suicide of Your Best Friend? In the world?”

5. “Stop calling me BOB! My name isn’t FUCKING BOB!”
“His name isn’t fucking BOB.”
“His name isn’t fucking BOB.”
“His name isn’t fucking BOB.”
“I thought his name was BOB.”

6. “Do you wonder what your color is? Well, that I won’t tell you. It’s not ladylike to speak of such things. You shouldn’t even have asked.”

7. “I make 40 G’s a year plus dental. You may not have a Skittle.”

8. “Listen, BOB. Don’t start up with your white zone shit again.”

9. “Well, if my cathedral of cutting-edge taste holds no interest for your tragically Canadian sensibilities, then I shall be forced to grant you a swift exit from the premises . . . and a fast entrance into HELL!”

10. “Hmmm. Murdered by pirates, heart torn out and eaten, meet BOB. Can’t quite decide which sounds more fun.”

11. “I’ll kill you! You’ll be dead and I’ll be happy!”

12. “All I know is this: you don’t confront your demons and then defeat them. You confront your demons, then you confront them, then you confront them some more.”

13. “It can be hard to keep track of those things because lunch — lunch is a lot of things, lunch is difficult.”

14. “Did you know that cats can make one thousand different sounds and dogs can only make ten? Cats, man. Not to be trusted.”

15. “FUCK Barbra Streisand! And you!”

6 thoughts on “The Movie Quotes Challenge, No. Five

  1. 1. Robin Hood: Men In Tights. (Seriously, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) (But Men In Tights is the superior film.)

    2. It took me awhile, but.. Addams Family? II, maybe?

    3. L.A. Confidential

    4. ???

    5. Empire Records, duh.

    6. No clue.

    7. Also a blank.

    8. Airplane!

    9. Scott Pilgrim

    10. Again familiar. I had to resort to the google to figure it out.

    11. Maverick? Maverick!

    12. I got nothin’.

    13. I’m hearing Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but can’t place it.

    14. The Losers!

    15. In & Out? Holy shit, I haven’t watched that in forever.

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