2015 Clarion West Write-a-Thon: Week Two Update

Current Project: Untitled Fantasy/Murder Mystery Novel
Current Pitch: Pinocchio meets In the Heat of The Night. Plus Practical Magic.

Kill Count Since Prologue: 3
First (Possibly Unnecessary) Dream Sequence: Page 22
POV Shift: Going smoother than expected

Song From Current Project Playlist: “Run Me Out” (Versions) – Zola Jesus

Goal Met: Not Yet

It’s been a busy week. For me, anyway — probably less so for people with actual lives — but I’ve been seriously worried that I was going to fail my writing goal in only Week 2. Thankfully, I recently had a small burst of creative energy and, also, a little more time to focus on the Current Project instead of working on edits for a different, actually far more important project — so while I’m not finished with the second chapter yet, I should get there by tomorrow night. Assuming I can focus and stop obsessively reading Teen Wolf fanfiction — but oh my God, oh my GOD, you guys, did you see the first two episodes, and that super tease for the whole season, I mean, holy SHIT

. . . all right, okay. I’m a professional writer being professional now.

The current project is structured between alternating points of view: the woman who’s trying to solve her sister’s murder and the woman who’s trying to bring her sister back to life. I’ve been thinking of them as ‘the detective’ and ‘the magician,’ but in a way, my magician is a detective too, and she has her own mystery to solve. She knows a resurrection spell has been successful once, but she doesn’t know who was resurrected or how things went wrong, only that her father vowed he would never bring anyone back from the dead. So our magician must discover both how to craft her own resurrection spell (particularly difficult, given several factors), as well as what happened to the first person who came back to life.

I suspect the magician’s mystery will, ultimately, be harder to write (she has way more journals than actual suspects to work with), but right now I’m actually finding her POV a bit easier to slide into. She’s kind of the nerdy one, though, so perhaps that’s no big surprise.

Finally, a random line from Chapter 2:

Sinjyn woke, coughing up grave dust.

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