Story Sale Announcements! BRB Announcements! All The Announcements!

Here’s what I have to tell you today:

1. I’m ecstatic to announce that my ridiculous story “The Elixir of the Not-So-Disgusting Death Smell” will at some point appear in Mothership Zeta, a new magazine edited by Mur Lafferty. Mothership Zeta will be all about publishing fun speculative stories, and I’m excited for a couple of reasons: one, I really think we could use some more SF/F magazines that are dedicated to pure enjoyment, and two, I’m absurdly attached to this silly little story. I wrote the first draft of it a long time ago, and I’ve been trying to sell some version of it for years now. (I’ve come agonizingly close a couple of times, which has only made it less of  a hope and more of a Quest.) In fact, one of the previous drafts was actually my submission story for Clarion West, so I feel super sentimental about what’s essentially a screwball romantic comedy with zombies and Girl Scout cookies.

Publication date is unknown for now, but rest assured, I will update with bouncy enthusiasm when I know more.

2. You probably won’t hear much (or any) from me for the rest of the week. I’m headed up to Spokane, WA tomorrow for my very first Worldcon. I’ve been to big fandom conventions (Comic-Con, DragonCon) and little writer conventions (FOGCon, Potlatch), but never to Big Writing Conventions before. These are my basic expectations:

A. I will have fun hanging out with my sister and my buddies.
B. I will consider talking to writers/editors whose work I’ve read and admired.
C. I will reject the previous consideration in favor of hiding away in my room or, if forced into some kind of social situation, smiling uncomfortably and not saying anything at all.
D. I will watch the various controversies that unfold, particularly after the Hugos are announced. (I will not be attending the Hugos.)
E. I will buy too many books because my To-Read pile is becoming dangerously close to being reasonable, and we can’t have that.

A write-up of Worldcon may or may not follow next week in which I’ll determine if these expectations were met.

3. Finally, obviously the most important announcement: there is only one episode left in Teen Wolf before the show goes on hiatus again.

The world is cruel.

5 thoughts on “Story Sale Announcements! BRB Announcements! All The Announcements!

  1. Yay, another Carlie story! I look forward to reading it someday. 🙂

    I was so annoyed Stiles and Scott had the big confrontation about Donovan in such conveniently vague terms, just to ensure they completely misunderstood each other. You’d think Stiles would at least mention that Donovan was trying to kill him at the time, or that it was an accident. Theo making Stiles sound guiltier than he was was a nice twist, but I would’ve preferred it if it had come down to his word vs. Stiles’, with Scott unsure who to trust due to Stiles’ dislike of Theo, and the fact that he’d covered up the death.

    It looks like Theo’s going to be showing his hand next episode anyway, so it’s largely a moot point.

    I’m also guessing that Malia’s mother will find her next episode, in accordance with last couple of minutes of the season premiere. And maybe Lydia will go to Eichen House, so we’ll end the first half of the season close to where we started?

    • Oh my God, I am SO behind on comments. Crap. Sorry. First off, thank you! Someday is the best day, isn’t it? 🙂

      Second, I was probably less annoyed than you were, but still a little bummed because I think they were so close to having it. All they really needed to do, I think, is cut one of the times where Stiles says, “He was going to kill my dad,” (probably the second time) and replace that with, “He tried to kill me!” or something like that. Just once, he needed to actually say it. I’ll talk about this more in my review (if I EVER finish it – I’m seriously behind on more than just comments right now) but I think TW did a really good job of building up to this conflict all season — but Stiles still needed to actually say out loud that he would have died otherwise, not just vaguely imply it. I could even see Scott not believing it, considering both Theo’s description and Stiles’ habit of beating things with his fists in the first few episodes — but the scene just didn’t quite land as well as it could have, which is a bummer. (I still kind of like it, though. I can’t help myself. Angsty boys! In rain! I’m pathetic.)

      • No worries. If you’ve already watched Showgirls, I can imagine how you might need some time off to recover, or just to hide trembling underneath a blanket. (I’m mostly kidding – I think it’s the fun kind of bad movie. Although it’s possible you’ll never see boobs the same way again.)

        • I’m trying! Netflix doesn’t have Showgirls on Instant or DVD. And Amazon Prime doesn’t have it, either. This is unacceptable. As I’ve already stated on various social media today, I desperately don’t want to have to buy this movie, although that’s possibly preferable to renting it in person at the only in-town video store that’s left.

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