Award Eligibility, and My 13 Favorite Short Stories of 2015

Today, we’ll be combining two posts in one, mostly because I’m lazy. In the unlikely event that someone wants to nominate my work for Fame and Greatness, here is what I have that’s eligible this year for the Hugo Awards, Nebulas, etc.

Break the Face in the Jar by the Door” – The Unlikely Journal of Coulrophobia
If you’re looking for: weird clown diseases, 2nd person narratives, discussion of emotional abuse. Roughly 1,000 words.

The Case of the Little Bloody Slipper” – The Book Smugglers
If you’re looking for: Cinderella noir, hardboiled slang, awesome Girl Fridays, a bevy of button men. 11, 441 words.

The Price You Pay is Red” – The Book Smugglers
If you’re looking for: Snow White noir, coverups & conspiracies, bisexual detectives, old flames, daddy issues. Sequel to “The Case of the Little Bloody Slipper.” 13, 714 words.

The Long and Silent Ever After” – The Book Smugglers
If you’re looking for: Sleeping Beauty noir, OTP resolution, gunfights, mobsters, Christmas carols. Sequel to “The Price You Pay is Red.” 13, 340 words.

Now. Moving past all that to other people’s work: I’m afraid I’m farther behind than I’d like on all of my End of the Year posts, so I just don’t have time to reread for my favorite quotes like I did last year. I also feel like I didn’t read nearly enough short fiction in 2015, so there’s another thing to add to the 2016 Goal List. But anyway, here are my favorite stories I read this year, in no particular order.

(Disclaimer: at least one of these stories came out before 2015.)

1. “The Animal Women” – Alix E. Harrow (Strange Horizons)
2. “By Degrees and Dilatory Time” – S.L. Huang (Strange Horizons)
3. “It Brought Us All Together” – Marissa Lingen (Strange Horizons)
4. “How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps” – A. Merc Rustad (Scigentasy)
5. “Fighting Demons” – S.L. Huang (The Book Smugglers)
6. “And Never Mind the Watching Ones” – Keffy Kehrli (Uncanny)
7. “Never Chose This Way” – Shira Lipkin (Apex)
8. “Dustbaby” – Alix E. Harrow (Shimmer)
9. “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Love, Death” – Caroline M. Yoachim (Lightspeed)
10. “The Law of the Conservation of Hair” – Rachael K. Jones (Shimmer)
11. “Lacrimosa” – Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Nightmare)
12. “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” – Alyssa Wong (Nightmare)
13. “Five Things Every Successful Clown Must Do” – Derek Manuel (The Unlikely Journal of Coulrophobia)

Now that you have plenty of reading material, I’m off for today. Meet me here tomorrow when, hopefully, I’ll finally have completed and posted my review of The Force Awakens. (Spoilers: I liked it. But that won’t stop me from analyzing it to death, because overanalyzing things in disjointed list form is my favorite pastime/superpower. )

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