RIP, Alan Rickman

I have always been, and will always be, an exceptionally easy cry, but I generally don’t break down in tears when an actor or author or musician dies, even if it’s someone whose work I’ve greatly enjoyed and/or admired. I don’t know if that’s a failing or a strength. It’s just a reality.

But Alan Rickman . . . I just . . . it’s just wrenching. He’s one of those actors I’ve loved since I was a very, very young child. He has always just been. It seems impossible to me, that he’s suddenly gone.

Maybe I’ll write up a better tribute later, when I’ve had a little sleep and I feel less heartsick and it’s not 6:00 in the morning. I’m not sure, though. I’m not that great with tributes, honestly. All I’ve got for you today is some so-so quality movie clips from Youtube that will probably be removed at some point because that’s kind of how Youtube works.

Anyway. My favorite Alan Rickman roles, not in any kind of order. (And Sense and Sensibility is a link because whoever wouldn’t let me just embed it.)

Sense and Sensibility

Die Hard

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


Galaxy Quest

Harry Potter (any and all – this particular clip is from The Goblet of Fire)

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. You were beloved by so many, including myself.

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