Yeah, It’s That Time Of The Year Again – The Clarion West 2016 Write-A-Thon

Since attending Clarion West in 2012, I’ve done the CW Write-a-Thon every year (well, mostly) because, like, I’ve got writerly things to do anyway, right, and sometimes it’s sorta fun. It can also be super stressful (I get kind of anxious about missing deadlines) but I figured I was up for the (admittedly minimal) challenge. So.

Here’s what I’m doing:

1. I’m finishing the melancholy fairytale I’ve been working on for the past month or so, damn it, and hopefully making it respectable enough that I can actually submit it somewhere without having to hide my face in shame.

2. I’m hoping to either finish a draft of (or, in one case, entirely rewrite) one of the following stories:

2A. The Clone Story. Multiple female characters. Discussions of identity, duty, revenge. The occasional melted face.

2B. The Undead Witch Story. Cannibalism, transmutation, romance.

2C. The Banshee Story.  YA/Mystery. Field trips with surprise dead bodies. The social hierarchy of teenage monsters.

If you’re interested in donating (and zero shame if you aren’t or aren’t financially capable of doing so), you can do so HERE. The same link will also tell you a little more about my current WIP, and about my donation incentives, which include voting on future stories, potentially getting to name minor characters, or forcing me to watch and review either a TV episode or a movie of your choice. (Caveats are also listed.) Those last two are higher end rewards, and I feel a little bad about the price tag I’ve put on them–I honestly don’t know that I expect anyone to pick them. Still, I needed some incentives for bigger donations, and as much fun as I have working on my reviews, they’re damn long and they take an awful lot of time to write. Since that’s all time I’m not spending working on stories I could actually sell (or, you know, watching favorite clips from The Harry and Cisco Show on Youtube), yeah, I priced up. Sorry, guys.

Also at the link: plenty of other writers whose projects may be vastly more interesting to you. You may wish to donate to them in addition to, or instead of, me. All is welcome: everything is going to the same place, after all.

The Write-A-Thon runs from June 19th to July 29th, and I’ll likely post updates here each Friday. Hopefully, I won’t entirely switch projects halfway through the Write-A-Thon like I did last year. (Although to be fair, the story I ended up writing may actually be one of my favorites to date. I just haven’t been able to get any publishers to agree yet.) Wish me luck?

2 thoughts on “Yeah, It’s That Time Of The Year Again – The Clarion West 2016 Write-A-Thon

  1. Question – did the Banshee Story start life as a Teen Wolf fanfiction, by any chance?

    Oh man, I wish I could afford to force you to watch the episode or movie of my choice. Not that I have anything in mind specifically, but I’m sure I could come up with something horrifying for you and hilarious for me.

    • Surprisingly, no. But I can’t deny that Teen Wolf has been a general sort of inspiration towards writing more supernatural YA high school stuff. I’ve been very interested in that for a while now. The banshee story would actually be a sorta-sequel to a story I have coming out in Lightspeed. Sorta silly to write a sequel, considering God knows if anyone’s going to like the first one or not, but I’m really into that particular world and can see potentially writing much more in it.

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