2016 Clarion West Write-A-Thon: Week One Update

Current Project: Untitled Melancholy Fairy Tale 
Current Pitch: Sleeping Beauty plus, uh . . . Dark City? Well, not quite. Inception? Crap, not that either. Screw it, I’m still working on the current pitch.

POV: 2nd Person
Number of POV Characters: 8
Possible Explanations For My Obvious Masochism: Tragic childhood? Genetic defect? Catholic guilt despite not being Catholic?

Song From Current Project Playlist: “The Hunted (Apocalypse Version)” – Snow Ghosts

Goal Met: Ha.

First let it be said that my newest band name is definitely My Obvious Masochism.

So, this hasn’t exactly been my most auspicious start to the Write-a-Thon, mostly because I’ve been so busy desperately trying to finish my next trope essay for The Book Smugglers that I really haven’t had much time, or any, to work on my fairy tale story. I should have more time over the weekend, though, and presumably next week too. I expect I’ll complete a draft of it by next Friday; I’m just seriously doubting that the draft will be submittable, which means–unless I get a different story back from Strange Horizons in time–I’ll probably won’t have anything ready before Liminal closes its doors. Which saddens me. I got much further than I expected with their last submission window; I’ll admit, I was kind of looking forward to throwing my hat in the ring again.

This story has been fun to write so far, but a bit challenging in terms of structure, not so much because of the 2nd person–I’ve always fallen into 2nd person rather naturally, to be honest–but because the majority of my characters only get one POV-section each. I’ve had some trouble deciding exactly who needs to tell which piece of the story, particularly in the second half, because it turns out if you don’t do it in the right order, your readers don’t get all the info they need in order to figure out what’s going on. I must have rearranged the second half, what? Four times now?

So, yes, there have been challenges. On the other hand, I’m within sight of my favorite two words in the English language (“The End”), and in the meantime, I’m having fun writing about curses and identity and impossible archives and dream fish, so,  you know. The good is probably outweighing the negative here.

In conclusion, your random line for the week:

You do not trust the collector, and she certainly has no love for you, but there are no enemies in the catacombs. You are all united in your blurry grief.

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