2016 Clarion West Write-A-Thon: Week 2 Update

Top Secret Code Name of Current Project: Operation Hail Mary
Current Pitch:What happens when Fairy Tale and Slasher Horror get married and have a YA Meta Magic Realism baby

Number of iPhone Conversations: 5
Number of Plot-Relevant Planets (Including Earth): 2
Number of Mysterious Old Woman Who Show Up At The Door in the Middle of a Rainstorm at Midnight: 1

Song From Current Project Playlist: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo – Music Box Version – Cinderella

Goal Met: Um. In a roundabout way, yes.

So, remember last week when I said I’d probably complete the draft of my story by this Friday? Yes, well, that’s . . . not entirely what happened.

This is basically what happened:

Saturday: Jesus, is there another structural problem? Shit. Shit shit SHIT. This is depressing me too much. I’m going back to my Season 1 Person of Interest rewatch. I’ll work on the story tomorrow.

Sunday: Great. I have no idea how to fix this without rewriting half the story, which I absolutely don’t have time for. I might still be able to finish a draft, but it definitely won’t be ready to submit, and right now I’m so pissed at it I’m having trouble getting anywhere at all. Maybe I should set this story aside until I can look at it again without wanting to stab it. I’ll just admit defeat for this part of the Write-a-Thon and dedicate myself to completing the next project.

Monday: So, Liminal really wants submissions 3,000 words and under, huh? The Project of Doom is already twice that . . . but there’s that story prompt Cory and I were talking about, kind of as a joke, but . . . shit, I might be able to make a flash story with that by Thursday.

Tuesday Morning: Okay, this isn’t going too badly. Eventual flash victory!

Tuesday Afternoon: Okay, so we’re past 1,000 words, which means flash is out. But that’s all right. 2,000 words will do just fine.

Tuesday Night: Goddamn it. 2,000 words and counting.

Wednesday Day: Work, baby, work. WRITE LIKE THE MOTHERFUCKING WIND.

Wednesday Night: Victory! Or, okay, a 3,000 word first draft is done . . . which isn’t exactly a victory because I still have less than 24 hours to turn it from an iffy first draft into a publishable story. I should probably sleep before I try that.


Thursday Evening: Okay, that’s better. That’s much better. Probably not better enough. I really shouldn’t submit it. I should just sit on it for a few weeks and then re-approach because at this point, I’m so close to the story that it’s hard to tell if it’s any good or not. I’ll be too late for Liminal, obviously, but it will mean I’ll likely have a better chance with this story the next time they re-open. If it’s not ready, then I can never submit it to them again. But . . . damn it, I worked hard, and I really wanted to submit something to this open call, and while I don’t want to waste the editors’ time, I feel like I’m going to regret it if I don’t at least try. Besides, pre-rejecting is bad, right? Hell with it.  Let’s twist this. SUBMIT.

So, yes. That was my week, in which I did write and submit a story . . . just not the one I was expecting.

Random Line of the Week:

Nutmeg aces every Bio test. She doesn’t come to the impossible naturally.

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