Clarion West Write-A-Thon: Week 4 Update

Top Secret Code Name of Current Project: An Army of Janes
Current Pitch: The opening act of Resident Evil: Afterlife . . . but with less zombies.

Number of Notable Fashion Accessories: 2
Number of Robert Frost Mentions: 1
Number of Melted Faces: 1 . . . so far

Song From Current Project Playlist: “Smack My Bitch Up” – The Prodigy

Goal Met: Yes

Progress has been a little slower than I’d like this week–I know, what a shocking turn of events–but it’s still being made. The story begins in medias res, with a dead body and a Big Choice at hand, and then flashes back to see how our protagonist has gotten to that point. It’s an overused TV setup, I know, but I’m fond of it when stories take it somewhere interesting, instead of using it as a way to raise cheap stakes where all danger is immediately averted the second the story catches back up to itself. Hopefully, my execution won’t be guilty of the latter, especially since I’ve just hit that point where flashback meets flash-forward. It’s all revelations and violence from here, my friends.

I’m hoping–though am far from certain–that I can complete a draft of this story by next Friday. If so, I’ll probably let it sit for a week or two before I do a third pass, adding in or tweaking any details that I forgot about and/or skipped (we’ll call this the “Carlie Totally Cares About Mech and Tech in the Future” edit), and also cutting unnecessary words to keep the word count at something manageable for once. And then I can send it to my crit buddies who will helpfully point out all its flaws, and then after I edit it again, I can finally send it somewhere for multiple rejections!

It’s probably for the best I have a job-job, because this whole writer Rich Quick Scheme doesn’t seem to have fully caught up to the “quick” part yet, much less “rich.”

In conclusion, your random Line of the Week:

In her sleep, Impossible Jane always knew how the story would end: it would be cold, and it would be bloody, and she would be alone.

2 thoughts on “Clarion West Write-A-Thon: Week 4 Update

  1. In media res TV set up could be great. Just don’t fall into the trap of having the tension resolved by showing that part of the plan was discussed ahead of time, but wasn’t shown to the audience/reader until it was necessary to solve the tension.

    I’m looking at you, Leverage.

    • I don’t think that will be a problem with this particular story. 🙂

      Heh. I rolled my eyes and got over it–because I otherwise enjoyed the show so much–but that did happen WAY too often for my liking on Leverage.

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