Clarion West Write-a-Thon: Week 3 Update

Top Secret Code Name of Current Project: Fedoras and Trust Issues
Current Pitch: Hardboiled fairy tale noir!
Slightly More Detailed Pitch: In an alternate post-WWII America, a cranky, bisexual PI and his ace, teenage Girl Friday try to solve the disappearances and/or murders of three different women.

Number of Plot Relevant Breakfasts: 3
Number of Minor Plot Holes Caught This Week: 1
Number of Irritated and Slightly Shifty Coroners: 1

Song From Current Project Playlist: “This Devil’s Workday” – Modest Mouse

Goal Met: Not exactly

So, I’m a little behind this week on my two-chapter deadline. Luckily, I have the next two nights off and I’m pretty sure I can finish them before Sunday . . . well, before I go to bed Saturday night, anyway, which of course will technically be Sunday morning.

The writing itself is going okay, other than that nagging plot hole that I have to fix. (It’s not a huge plot hole, but it vexes me, and I don’t like any of my current solutions.) Right now I’m working on a chapter where our heroes are going over what they know before making a plan of action–a plan that our Girl Friday will secretly judge as dumb and disregard roughly five seconds after she agrees to it. The main challenge here has been shifting the POV; in the original story, we saw this scene through Prince’s eyes. Now we’re seeing it through Jack’s, and Jack and Prince both share a secret right now that they have different perspectives on. It’s kind of fun for me. Minus the goddamn plot hole.

After that, my next chapter has some Big Revelations: the why of the murder case, if not exactly the who. Also, some mildly gooey but also emotionally stilted relationship talk between Prince and his love interest. Is it wrong to hardcore ship your own characters? It’s wrong, isn’t it?

Here’s your sad confession for the day: I was daydreaming about adding big speculative elements, but realized it wouldn’t be right for this story, no matter how much fun it could be. So instead I started daydreaming about how I could add those spec elements in a fanfiction, a fanfiction for my own goddamn unpublished, unfinished novel.

Sigh. I will not do this thing. I will not. There have to be limits to my ridiculousness.

Finally, your Random Line of the Week:

You had to hope wildly, foolishly, recklessly . . . and then make as many contingency plans as possible when those hopes broke upon the shore.

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