Story Publication: Secrets at Strange Horizons

In writing news today: I have a story out at Strange Horizons!

A few things you may or may not find interesting:

A. “Three May Keep a Secret” is a YA story with a questioning bisexual protagonist and her new hipster bestie.

B. It’s also a ghost story. I like to think it’s a little creepy.

C. I’m a little nervous about this one. Okay, I’m a lot nervous. There are a couple of reasons for that: one, the story deals with some sensitive material that I’m hoping isn’t harmful to any readers. (Appropriate trigger warnings can be found at the link.)

It’s also a story that’s probably gone through, like, 57 different revisions. I think it’s a much better story for it and, honestly, I’m pretty proud of how it’s turned out But this one didn’t come easy, and that also makes me a bit nail bite-y.

D. Finally, a random line that tells you basically nothing at all:

“Shit, there’s not even a candy store for 70 miles.” He crosses his arms. “This town is bullshit.”

Hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Story Publication: Secrets at Strange Horizons

  1. Congrats, and this was pretty great. I especially liked the way you described the monster, with it’s soft, flower-petal hands, and the way it feeding only caused physical pain if the victim resisted. (Actually, while I’m praising your metaphors, I don’t think I ever said how much I loved the one from “We Share The Dark,” about Rob’s dad being the ghost he couldn’t leave behind.)

    • Thank you! I’m super glad you liked it! (And “We Share the Dark,” too. That was an important story to me. Clearly, “ghosts you can’t leave behind” is a theme that resonates for me. šŸ™‚

  2. Read this early this morning when I could no longer sleep. I am now thrilled to be awake and to have this story to carry around in my heart today. I hear your concern about triggers. I can only say I was tremendously moved by the main character’s relationship with her “partner in crime,” her determination to face a past trauma that seems to become more dangerous as time goes on, and by the love that seems to underlie her drive.

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