“We Share the Dark” at Curious Fictions!

Morning! I forgot to write about this here last week, so I’m mentioning it now: I decided to give Curious Fictions a try! CF is a website where authors can post stories that they’ve previously published in other magazines. Yours truly, for instance, has posted “We Share the Dark,” a story which was published in Shock Totem back in 2014. Since that was a print magazine, you had to pay to read said story; now, however, you can read “We Share the Dark” (or any other story at Curious Fictions) for free. (Other great authors very much worthy of your time: A.C. Wise, A. Merc Rustad, and Kelly Sandoval.) You can also choose to subscribe for a couple bucks a month and get updates on short stories and/or exclusive posts.

If you’re interested in checking it out, “We Share the Dark” is up HERE. Recommended for those who like ghosts (both literal and figurative), unusual love triangles, floating Shakespearian teddy bears, and moody, atmospheric stories about people trying to escape their scars. Also recommended for people who just want to see how floating Shakespearian teddy bears fit into all this.

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