Triple Spooky Scoop Review: Sinister, Ready or Not, and Happy Death Day

My friends! Finally, we are at the end! Of course, Marisa is the real winner of Horror Bingo, but the St. George household required its own champion before the game could be properly concluded. There could be only One–

–and it was ME! Two years running, I AM THE WINNER.

We’ll get to the official Horror Bingo 2020 Wrap-Up at the very end, but first, our last three movies.


Year: 2012
Director: Scott Derrickson
First Watch or Rewatch: First Watch
Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or Other: Other – Amazon
Spoilers: YEP
Grade: Strawberry

You know when something is relatively well-crafted but just isn’t your thing? Yeah, that’s Sinister, for me.

Some stuff is genuinely creepy. Like, a few of those snuff films are pretty disturbing, and I fucking adore all the Netherworld Children and their perfect little outfits and their dead little faces. Is it wrong that I kinda want kids just so I can dress them up like this for Halloween? Probably. Anyway, the all-around acting is fine, although my favorite is James Ransone as Deputy So-and-So. (I love that this is his official name in the sequel, even when he’s apparently the main character.) That bit where So-and-So’s like “You kidding me, I believe in all that stuff. I wouldn’t spend one night in this place, are you nuts?” HA. I also like the ending quite a bit–except the last minute jump scare, which is cheap and worthless. Admittedly, it is pretty obvious what fate awaits Ethan Hawke and his fam, like, once you discover that the Hanged Family moved from one murder house to the next, it’s not exactly a big leap to realize that all the families did the same. Still, I enjoy a story where leaving the cursed house is actually what kills you.

The thing is, though . . . I’m just not very invested in anyone’s survival. Ellison is kind of a schmuck, and schmuck protagonists, by and large, just aren’t my thing. I really feel sorry for his wife because moving into the Murder House without telling her? I mean, wow. Wow. That being said, I don’t actually like this woman. It’s a lot of little things, like how she keeps referring to their kids as his kids whenever they do something wrong, which yeah, I do that with my cats all the time, but I don’t actually mean it, and also they’re cats and don’t give a shit? But Tracy, she seems to mean it. She feels like that Stereotypical Uptight Wife that you kinda know a dude wrote: even when we’re meant to sympathize with her, she still manages to come off as slightly nagging? It’s not so much acting as script; in fact, I quite like Juliet Rylance’s performance when Tracy finally discovers Ellison’s lie. But Tracy still has virtually nothing in the way of interiority or plot-relevance, and she and her son feel less like full characters than thinly drawn victims waiting around to die. None of it’s terrible; it’s just that this is exactly the kind of family dynamic I’m not interested in seeing, especially in horror.

Ready or Not

Year: 2019
Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett
First Watch or Rewatch: Rewatch
Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or Other: Other – HBO
Spoilers: Yup
Grade: Chocolate

Yep, I still love this movie. I really enjoyed Ready or Not when it first came out last year, and I love it even more now. The concept is just fun: Murder Hide-N-Seek, plus Homicidal In-Laws, Eat The Motherfucking Rich, etc. The script is witty and entertaining, and the whole cast is phenomenal, like, I adore so, so many of them. Henry Czerny and Andie MacDowell. Melanie Scrofano and Kristian Bruun. Nicky Guadagni, thank you; thank you for giving me so much joy with this perfect face. Obviously, obviously, Adam Brody. He really is such a perfect fit as Daniel. And then, of course, Samara Weaving, who is the true star of the show; she goddamn shines in this film: the big laughs, the small emotional beats, the badass action scenes–she owns them all. Plus, she just has some of the best reactions. I could watch this scene all day.

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of quibbles here; I vaguely remember having a few, the first time around, but they seem to have faded on a second watch. (Wishing that Daniel would live just because I like him so much is less of a quibble and more of a “thank God for fanfic” moment.) Thus, I’ll just give you a short list of some of my favorite things: the glorious cosplay potential, pretty much all of Daniel’s lines, Emilie’s continuous fuckups, Fitch trying to learn crossbow via Youtube, Grace punching one of the kids in the face, OnStar Employee Justin, Tony’s exquisite meltdowns, the Good Brother/Evil Brother reversal, this song, and of course, the literally explosive climax. It is the best.

The only thing I really wish we got from this movie? A montage of deleted scenes where we saw the people who married into the family playing, like, Midnight Checkers and Old Maid and shit. That would be the absolute best.

Technically, I won Horror Bingo when I drew Ready or Not, but we decided to watch one last horror movie, anyway, mostly because of my frankly ridiculous reviewing system. Which brings us to . . .

Happy Death Day

Year: 2017
Director: Christopher Landon
First Watch or Rewatch: First Watch
Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or Other: Amazon
Spoilers: Mildly? Nothing that should ruin the movie for anyone.
Grade: Vanilla

It’s ridiculous I waited so long to see this movie. I’m obsessed with both slashers and time loop stories, and I’d planned to see this one in theater, you know, back when going to the movies was a thing you could do. Maybe I was worried I’d be letdown and thus sought to avoid the inevitable disappointment? If so, my procrastination was unnecessary, because I thought Happy Death Day was cute and probably one of the more successful PG-13 horror films, in that I didn’t find myself constantly thinking about how hard they were working to avoid that R rating.

I will say the movie isn’t . . . hm, I’m not sure how to say this without sounding like a total snot. Happy Death Day has an incredibly fun concept, but it doesn’t really do anything terribly ambitious with it. It doesn’t need to, necessarily; I meant it when I said I enjoyed the movie. I liked searching for all the clues and little details. There are tons of suspects because everyone hates our protagonist, and this is one of the rare films where a thoroughly unlikable MC (at least, initially) actually works for me. It’s also just funny. I laughed several times, and I’m sure I’ll watch the sequel at some point.

But when I talk about ambition . . . look, the time loop is a time-honored trope in SF/F TV, and I’ve seen shows do some really exciting things with it in terms of meaningful plot development, character development, etc. The Librarians, Agents of SHIELD, Person of Interest, Dark Matter, Supernatural, Legends of Tomorrow, the entire series of Russian Doll, etc. These shows have both delighted and surprised me with how they’ve played with time loops; Happy Death Day is absolutely enjoyable, but I don’t know if it did anything to surprise me, that’s all. The most original element, I think, is that Tree can’t continue endlessly through these loops without suffering eventual physical consequences, which is genuinely interesting; unfortunately, that’s mostly dropped in the final loop or two, and as such, doesn’t do a particularly good job adding a plot clock or raising the stakes. It’s not a huge problem, though.

I’ll tell you what is a huge problem: my brain, all twitching around inside my skull, trying to force me into beginning a new story when I have 87 other projects to finish. There’s just so many ways you can go, exploring time loops in horror. Ugh. STOP IT, BRAIN.


Of the films I’d never seen before, my favorites were probably Hausu, Becky, Deep Red, Midsommar, and Tragedy Girls.

My least favorites, on the other hand, were easily Mandy and Dream Home.

Movies I’m most disappointed we didn’t get to: One Cut of the Dead, A Bay of Blood (Twitch of the Death Nerve), and Lake Mungo.

Movies I’m most likely to add to next year’s Horror Bingo list, assuming I don’t watch them before then: Mayhem, Anna and the Apocalypse, Hereditary, and maybe a rewatch of Cube. (It’s been a long, long time.)

6 thoughts on “Triple Spooky Scoop Review: Sinister, Ready or Not, and Happy Death Day

  1. I really liked the concept for Sinister, but the movie didn’t work at all for me in practice. I didn’t find it scary, I didn’t like the twist ending, and I too wasn’t invested in the characters.

    Though speaking of movies not living up to their terrific concept, I think I have to watch Happy Death Day. “Slasher movie time loop,” is such an awesome idea.

    I don’t know if this is just me not grasping the mysterious ways of horror bingo, and it doesn’t matter either way, but I don’t see Lake Mungo on the bingo board?

    • I worry I’m being too hard on Happy Death Day. I’m not even sure it doesn’t live up to the concept, exactly. Just that my reaction to the film was more “it’s cute” (something I literally said after watching) and less “OMG, it’s so AWESOME.”

      A-ha! I will explain to you the mysterious intricacies of Horror Bingo! So, Mek and I both pick 15 movies we’re interested in for a total of 30 movies, and then we combine them in the great Skull Jar before each randomly drawing titles to fill out our respective bingo boards. There’s only room for 24 movies total, so not every movie can actually make it on the sheet. Lake Mungo was one of my 15 choices, but it wasn’t one of the 24 movies I drew. Some movies we ended up watching, like A Tale of Two Sisters, actually didn’t benefit either of us. I was honestly shocked when I won because I think we watched like 5 movies that weren’t on my board at all.

      • Ahhhh, that makes sense, cool. I forgot that in normal bingo, not every number is gonna be on the board. I haven’t played bingo since I was in primary school.

        By the way, congrats on the soon-to-be ejection of your clusterfuck-in-chief – assuming his attempts at a coup all continue to fail miserably, which I think is a safe bet. I’m more concerned that in four to eight years, someone much more competent than Trump could use his presidency as a prototype, and the Democrats won’t be able to stop them.

        • Yeah, at this point, I’m not too concerned about Trump not leaving office, just how much damage he can do before he leaves. Hopefully, not too much. At this point, I’m mostly concerned that the Democrats will be as toothless as they usually are, especially if this Georgia run-off Senate race in January goes in favor of the Republicans. And yes, God knows in 4-8 years . . . but I can’t even focus on that right now. I’m just trying to get to 2021, LOL.

  2. I watched Happy Death Day. I think I was maybe a little more disappointed than you. It wasn’t a BAD movie; it’s just that the premise makes it sound like the kind of movie I’d absolutely love, and then it just wasn’t that funny or sharp or emotionally resonant. I didn’t find much to dislike, but I didn’t connect to anything much, either.

    I won’t watch it again, though I may end up watching the second one in the hopes that there’s less frustrated potential there.

    Apart from the protagonist’s time-related illness putting a limit on the amount of times she can be killed and resurrected, I figured it would also render her increasingly physically incapable of running or fighting (she described it as feeling a little weaker every time she woke up) meaning she’d have to be smart, plan ahead, and outwit the killer. Which would also be the logical climax, given the premise of the movie – that she beats the killer by using the time loop to her advantage.

    And I guess that works for her final confrontation with Generic Escaped Madman – she preps for it, she obtains a gun to use, she relies on the blackout to get the drop on the dude – but then after unmasking the real killer, it just immediately turns into a hand-to-hand combat scenario anyway, and she beats them for the first time in the movie by sheer luck. And she finishes them by jumping up, grabs a chandelier, and swing-kicking them out a window! That would be a reasonably athletic feat even for someone without Time Loop-itis. It was a letdown of a climax.

    I also finally got around to Ready Or Not, which did live up to my expectations and then some. One of the things I liked was that I genuinely didn’t know whether their demonic pact was real or just a family superstition until the end. It wasn’t necessary to the concept that anything supernatural be going on, so long as the family themselves believed it. I also liked that the family seemed unclear about whether things like the security camera ban and the antique weaponry were actually part of the ritual or just a pointless handicap they were placing on themselves for no reason.

    • I just watched Happy Death Day 2U, actually (review will probably be up in a few days). Personally, I like the first one better, but I’m not sure how you’ll feel about it. In a way, I kind of have the same problem you did with the first movie: the sequel’s premise is potentially really interesting, but kind of gives way to Same Old Thing. It has a genre-shift, which is also interesting, but I don’t think the execution really works for me.

      I also would have liked to have seen Tree’s physical injuries make her weaker and weaker throughout the first movie. It didn’t bother me as much, but I would’ve liked it a lot more that way.

      Oh good, I’m happy you liked Ready or Not! And yeah, pretty much ditto everything you said about it. That movie is so great.

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