Horror Bingo 2022: One Cut of the Dead

I’ve been meaning to watch One Cut of the Dead for actual years now. It consistently gets nominated for Horror Bingo, only to just as consistently never get chosen. In fact, the only two movies that have stronger “always the bridesmaid” energy are Pontypool and Lake Mungo, two films that astute readers will notice still have not been picked.

But today, at long last, the time has come. We have finally watched this beloved Japanese zombie comedy, and you know what?

Everyone is right. I absolutely adored this movie. Which is why I’m begging you now: please, PLEASE do not watch this trailer if you haven’t already seen the film. Hell, even the trailer itself begs you not to watch. Just stop reading this review and go check out One Cut of the Dead immediately because it is, without a doubt, my favorite Horror Bingo 2022 film we’ve seen to date.

Year: 2017
Director: Ueda Shinichiro
First Watch or Rewatch: First Watch
Streaming Service: Shudder
Spoilers: As few as humanly possible
Grade: Chocolate

One Cut of the Dead is a very hard movie to write about if you don’t want to spoil anything. And I desperately don’t want to spoil anything, so here’s all I can really say:

This movie is divided into three acts, and you have to wait until the third act before everything is eventually, masterfully, pulled together. This never bothered me, even if I was very . . . um? . . . around the 37-minute mark, but I suppose I can see why some people were initially turned off by it. Personally, though, I enjoyed the whole film. Sure, I didn’t exactly understand what made this particular low budget indie zomcom any better than every other low budget indie zomcom, but I was willing to go along for the ride. And then when I did eventually understand . . . it was fantastic. I laughed so hard.

The acting is all great. I especially enjoy Hamatsu Takayuki as the director; he only gets funnier and funnier as the film goes on. Also, Shuhama Harumi as the makeup artist. She’s pretty damn terrific.

The whole third act is amazing, but I especially love the very last scene. It fills me with a surprising amount of joy, like, this is some heartwarming ass shit, actually—which I have to tell you, is not what I anticipated at the start of this film. One Cut of the Dead is very entertaining, extremely clever, and makes for an excellent comfort watch. I can definitely see myself rewatching this one on a sick day or as a pick-me-up.

If you haven’t already watched this movie, watch this movie. So long as you have a bit of patience and don’t absolutely abhor zombie films or low budget horror, I think you’ll enjoy the hell out of it. At the very least, I know I did.

Next Up: 28 Days Later

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