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My Own Dream Show – A Cast of Characters

Last week, I asked for everyone else’s dream casts. Today I provide my own. Instead of a team-oriented space opera, as I’d originally intended, I came up with the idea for a Twin Peaks-esque show, only with less icky rape and … Continue reading

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Gender Flipped Recasting – The West Wing

Months ago, a friend of mine mentioned on Facebook that she wanted to see a gender-flipped version of The West Wing. Mekaela and I happened to be playing around with a bunch of different ideas for gender-flipped movie casts at … Continue reading

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Today’s Dream Cast: SAGA

I’ll probably never be, like, an Authority on Comics — nor do I have any particularly deep need to be one — but I’ve really been getting into graphic novels the past couple of years. (Trades, primarily. Let’s be upfront about that. I … Continue reading

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In Geek News Today: The Suicide Squad is Cast

I came home a little after eight this morning and briefly hung out with my sister, who mentioned that a few actors were trending as possibilities for an upcoming (2016) Suicide Squad movie. I was like, Huh, and then promptly forgot about … Continue reading

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So. How About That Channing Tatum?

You may remember last August when Ben Affleck was announced as the next Batman and the entire internet collectively flipped its shit. Yes, well, I felt bad about my own part in that, so since then, I’ve tried my best … Continue reading

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Casting the Expendabelles

After the success of The Expendables and The Expendables II (as well as the likely success of the upcoming Expendables III), there’s been some talk about making an all-female spin-off to the series called, rather unfortunately, Expendabelles. The title is not my only concern — … Continue reading

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Not The Batman Gotham Needs – 5 Actors Who Would Make a Worse Batman Than Ben Affleck

So, Ben Affleck will be the next Batman. You may have heard something about this last week, if you happen to have a Twitter account or, really, any kind of access to the Internet. I’ll admit, I wasn’t particularly thrilled … Continue reading

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The Downward Spiral: Brendan Fraser

Remember this guy? I do. I like Brendan Fraser, or at least, I like a lot of his older movies. I enjoy The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. (Yes, I like The Mummy Returns. Get over it.) He’s fun enough in Bedazzled. I really like … Continue reading

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Can I Control Your Career, Please?

Today, I create a new semi-regular feature on this blog. I call it the “Let Me Fix the Downward Spiral That is Your Current Career” feature. What this means — I will, whenever I feel like it, dedicate a post … Continue reading

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