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The 4th (Probably 4th) TV Quotes Challenge – ANSWERS

Let’s get right to it, shall we? (Also, this is mostly spoiler-free, but it does assume you’re up to date on The Flash and iZombie. If not, you should probably skip those sections.) 1. Santa Clarita Diet “Nice try blending in, you … Continue reading

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The 4th (Probably 4th?) TV Quotes Challenge

So, I haven’t done a Quotes Challenge in a while. I mean, it’s practically a summer tradition, right? Don’t answer that. I’ve decided to go back to TV for today, but maybe I should try a book one sometime. Would … Continue reading

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The 2016-2017 TV Superlatives

Okay, people! It’s that time again: I present the 2016-2017 TV Superlatives! Rules are basically the same as they were last year. To be eligible for these super duper prestigious awards, a show must have begun its season sometime between … Continue reading

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A Bunch of Season Finales: The 2016-2017 Edition

I try to plan my time well. Sometimes, I fail. And when it came to updating my reactions to season finales as they occurred, well, I totally kind of failed. So here are some thoughts on just a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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10 Life Lessons TV Has Taught Me

As an avid TV watcher, I think it’s important to occasionally pause and reflect on some of the lessons that television has taught me over the years. And now, just because I can, I will share some of those lessons … Continue reading

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My Own Dream Show – A Cast of Characters

Last week, I asked for everyone else’s dream casts. Today I provide my own. Instead of a team-oriented space opera, as I’d originally intended, I came up with the idea for a Twin Peaks-esque show, only with less icky rape and … Continue reading

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“Is There A French Word For Feeling An Overwhelming Sense of Urgency And Impending Doom?”

It is time, I think, to try and return to our regularly scheduled programming on My Geek Blasphemy. Well. Okay. Scheduling was never really all that regular around here and may stay even more irregular in the weeks to come, … Continue reading

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