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The Poll of DOOM!

[NOTE: This Monday Morning Blasphemous Poll is neither blasphemous nor being posted on a Monday. Because on this blog, I . . . am . . . GOD!] [Additional Note: The previous note’s statement about the nature of my divinity … Continue reading

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“Suzy, What Do You Know About . . . Witches?”

Last week, I was a horror movie nut who had gone her whole life without seeing a Dario Argento film. No longer, my friends. No longer.

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“Mind Your Business! I Shall Be Eaten by Whomever I Please!”

So I made this horror movie challenge for myself at the beginning of the year, and I can already tell you that I’m going to fail it. Abysmally. We’ll talk about punishment come December, but for now, let’s get to … Continue reading

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“Normal Folks, They Don’t Spit Out Bullets When You Shoot Them, No Sir.”

The sad thing is, there are only a handful of vampire movies that I really enjoy. I had high hopes for Near Dark, though, because let’s face it: how do you beat Bill Paxton as a vampire? Well, Paxton was fairly … Continue reading

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“Copy, Dispatch. Send . . . More . . . Paramedics.”

As many of my friends could tell you, I’m a bit of a zombie enthusiast. Yet, sadly, I developed my love for zombies late in life (like, in my late teens/early twenties) and am thus still catching up on many … Continue reading

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“Do You Remember the Game Plan? The Game Plan Was if They’re Weird, We Leave. This is Beyond Weird.”

Well, I’m home alone and will continue to be alone all night. It’s dark. And it’s very nearly a full moon. I guess it’s time to start watching horror movies again. Sadly, I think my expectations might have been a … Continue reading

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“You Just Can’t Get Past The Dog, Can You?”

Back to the 2012 Horror Movie Challenge. Today’s selection? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen either An American Werewolf in London or Ginger Snaps—both of which I loved—but this movie is, at the very least, in serious contention for Favorite Werewolf Film of … Continue reading

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