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“John Wick, The Man, The Myth, The Legend. You’re Not Very Good At Retiring.”

I didn’t love John Wick the way other people did, but I enjoyed it well enough to Netflix the sequel. The verdict? I liked it. Probably more than the first one, honestly. Advertisements

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Season Finale Round-Up: April 4th-14th

It’s that time again. We have some finales to discuss: some of them good, some of them bad, most of them with zombies. SPOILERS abound. iZombie All in all, both “Dead Beat” and “Salivation Army” were pretty damn awesome. I struggled at … Continue reading

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“We’re Vampires. We Don’t Put Down Towels.”

Last week, I went to see What We Do In the Shadows. I don’t know if I loved it the way some people do, but I certainly enjoyed it.

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“If We Burn, You’ll Burn With Us!”

So, I have this ongoing quest: I would like, just once, to go see a movie when my friends and I are the only people in the theater. I don’t know why this is my quest, considering there are approximately 78,000 … Continue reading

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“I Couldn’t Hear My Own Footsteps. It Was the Walk of a Dead Man.”

Whoops, looks like I’m perilously close to falling behind schedule again. Guess I better watch another film noir. Today’s movie: Double Indemnity. It’s, well. Let’s just say it’s unlikely to snag the top prize this year.

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“Ray, When Someone Asks If You’re a God, You Say YES.”

After the news of Harold Ramis passing earlier this week, I — like many people, I’m sure — watched Ghostbusters on Netflix. I don’t have quite the same nostalgia for the film that a lot of other people do, but I … Continue reading

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“A Person Doesn’t Change Just Because You Find Out More.”

It’s a new year, people. Time to trade the cowboy hat for the fedora and watch ourselves some noir. Overall, I enjoyed The Third Man quite a bit.

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