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Coming Soon-Ish: X-Men, Cheerleaders, and Tom Hiddleston as a Mopey Vampire

X-Men: Days of Future Past So . . . I don’t know. I mean, I’ll see it. There are a few things going in its favor: Bryan Singer back in the director’s chair, Michael Fassbender, Peter Dinklage, and just the … Continue reading

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“Normal Folks, They Don’t Spit Out Bullets When You Shoot Them, No Sir.”

The sad thing is, there are only a handful of vampire movies that I really enjoy. I had high hopes for┬áNear Dark, though, because let’s face it: how do you beat Bill Paxton as a vampire? Well, Paxton was fairly … Continue reading

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“I Was Never Very Good At Being Human”

This year, I’ve been doing epic reviews (i.e, ultra ridiculously long reviews, complete with summaries, random notes, and spoilers) on every new horror film that I’ve watched. However, tonight, I’m feeling lazy, and I’m skimping out a little. Therefore, you … Continue reading

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