“It Was An Off Day.”

Clearly, I will watch a terrible movie at any given time, just to make fun of it, regardless of mood, circumstance, rain, or shine; I am there for mockery with bells on. But my sister and I had a particularly crappy day recently, and we needed something to take our mind off of it, something ridiculous and campy and stupid.

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.

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“I Was Never Very Good At Being Human”

This year, I’ve been doing epic reviews (i.e, ultra ridiculously long reviews, complete with summaries, random notes, and spoilers) on every new horror film that I’ve watched. However, tonight, I’m feeling lazy, and I’m skimping out a little. Therefore, you get a slightly-less-epic review (i.e, ridiculously long review made up entirely of random notes) on vampire flick Daybreak.

Overall, despite some cheese and a few musical score problems, I kind of liked it.

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