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“Have You Ever Known a Place Where God Would Have Felt at Home?”

I finished reading┬áThe Name of the Rose a few weeks ago and decided I absolutely had to watch the 1986 film adaptation, mostly because it starred Sean Connery and Christian Slater as detective monks, and who wouldn’t want to watch … Continue reading

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“Don’t You Just Love Happy Endings?”

A while ago, my friend Rob got his hands on a huge stack of absolutely terrible horror movies and, knowing our passion for such films, sent the entire collection to my sister and I because Rob is, quite truly, the … Continue reading

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“Just Because You Can’t See Something, Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Kill You.”

The 2012 Bloody Hearts fest begins with a horror movie that’s so bad, it holds a 1% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is widely considered to be one of the worst films of all times. This is my first Uwe … Continue reading

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You’re Brain Presses Against Your Skull, And It Feels Like THIIIIS!!!

And now, a joint review by the Sisters St. George on one of their very favorite comfort films: Broken Arrow.

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