“The Average Person Touches Their Face Three to Five Times Every Waking Minute.”

Despite having worked in a hospital for the past five years, I’m really not much of a germaphobe. I just can’t work up the energy to sanitize every single little thing I touch—those are precious seconds that I could be spending reading h/c Sherlock fanfiction or playing Text Twist on Yahoo. I wash my hands and all, but I only use Sani-Wipes when I have to clean medical equipment for nurses.

That being said, after watching this movie?

. . . well, I’m still not really a germaphobe. But after the film was over, I may have washed my hands for thirty seconds longer than strictly necessary.

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“I Was Never Very Good At Being Human”

This year, I’ve been doing epic reviews (i.e, ultra ridiculously long reviews, complete with summaries, random notes, and spoilers) on every new horror film that I’ve watched. However, tonight, I’m feeling lazy, and I’m skimping out a little. Therefore, you get a slightly-less-epic review (i.e, ridiculously long review made up entirely of random notes) on vampire flick Daybreak.

Overall, despite some cheese and a few musical score problems, I kind of liked it.

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