RIP, Carrie Fisher

I wanted to write a tribute to Carrie Fisher, who passed away this morning at the age of 60, but I honestly don’t know what to say. This hits me harder than I would have expected, probably harder than it would have a couple of years ago, when I only knew her as Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies and Sally’s Friend from When Harry Met Sally–but didn’t really know her as an author and a script doctor and a mental health advocate and an otherwise hilariously and wonderfully brazen, outspoken woman. (Which isn’t to knock Star Wars or When Harry Met Sally as unworthy reasons to love her–Leia is a goddamn feminist icon, and I think watching When Harry Met Sally is the first time I realized how funny Carrie Fisher could be.) Basically every interview I’ve read or seen of her in the past couple of years has made me love her even more, making me all the more sorry she’s gone. It’s silly to say that you were just getting to know someone you never met and, in all likelihood, were never going to meet, but still . . . today hurts.

Since eloquence isn’t my strong suit and I’ve never been particularly adept at moving, inspirational memorials, I kind of wanted to do a fun tribute, like, for instance, a Five Minute Princess Leia Cosplay, preferably from A New Hope.

There were multiple problems with this.

  • I have exactly one white dress, or off-white dress, that doesn’t look anything like Leia’s dress at all.
  • In fact, nothing in my wardrobe looks remotely like anything in Leia’s wardrobe.
  • I currently have blue-and-green hair.
  • I am the WORST at hair. You’d think someone who changes it as much as I do would be able to style it. You’d be mistaken.

Regardless, I tried it out. It didn’t go well. Like, it went pretty hysterically badly. But I just started having fun with it, playing around with my fake assault rifle, taking my glasses on and off, laughing at my bullshit hair buns, changing from my off-white dress to my actually-white bathrobe, etc. Here’s what I got.


RIP, Carrie Fisher. I’m grateful the world had you at all, but so sad you left us so soon.

“Master, I Could Be Wrong, But That Might Not Be The Best Way to Win The Girl’s Affections.”

Continuing with Disney . . . let us now move on to my childhood favorite: Beauty and the Beast.

belle rose

Objectivity may or may not not be found in this review. I have all kinds of nostalgia for this one, so expect a grade that fits said nostalgia accordingly. Still, we definitely have a sketch romance to talk about here. Not to mention: there are a surprising number of shitty people in Beauty and the Beast. Pretty much anyone who isn’t Belle or a magically animated object is kind of a dick.

Let’s discuss them, shall we?

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“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes When You’re Fast Asleep.”

It’s time to continue the Disney Princess Movie Challenge with our next film: Cinderella.


When I was two-years-old, I apparently loved this movie so much I taught myself how to use the VCR so that I could torment my family by watching it over and over again. At 30, I’ve discovered that I no longer have any such impulse.

That being said, I definitely preferred Cinderella (both princess and film) to its predecessor, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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“Oh, They’re Hopeless. A Disgrace to the Forces of Evil.”

Sleeping Beauty was never one of my favorite Disney movies. We didn’t own it, and I probably haven’t seen it since I was about six or seven. (I have vague memories of watching it at a friend’s house.) But since I’ve been working on fairy tale retellings all year, I thought I’d watch the movie again for inspiration/amusement.


I am now seriously considering re-watching all the Disney Princess movies for next year’s film challenge. Anything has to be better than Best Picture Winners. Why did I do this to myself, WHY? They’re all 800 years long.

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I Am My Own Disney Villain

I was hoping to have a review for you guys today, but I’m afraid my brain kind of tapped out about half an hour ago — I’ve spent the last week working on some edits for one of my upcoming fairy tale noir stories, and my little grey cells seem to be depleted for the night.

On the upside, I bought myself a new favorite hat to use as inspiration for the final story in the trilogy. I’ll let you guys see if you can figure out which fairy tale it’s based on.


Man. Sleeping Beauty might have been kind of boring, but Maleficent is just the best.

“He’d Say, ‘Do as Peggy Says’.”

Oh, Agent Carter. I miss you already.


Now don’t misunderstand me — I really like Agents of SHIELD. If you’re looking for likeminded haters, look elsewhere because it’s one of my favorite shows on TV right now, and I’m super excited it’s back. (Fitz, in particular, has been incredible this season.) But AoS’s return means Agent Carter’s departure, and despite the near universal praise its received, its return to television is no sure thing. This saddens me.

I wish I’d thought to write down some notes along the way for a Season 1 review, but alas, I did not, in fact, have my various (rubber) ducks in a row. So today’s review may be brief as well as characteristically late. But, hey, it’s something, right?

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“Lie Still, Or It’ll Get Messy.”

I always figured I’d read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo before I saw the movie — either of the movies, actually — but my to-read list is kinda ridiculous, and my interest just wasn’t there. So last week, I finally just sat down and watched the Swedish film.


It’s a fairly entertaining movie. But I had some problems with it that I honestly wasn’t expecting to have.

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