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Triple Scoop Reviews: Escape Room, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, and As Above, So Below

Escape Room First Watch or Rewatch: First Watch Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or Other: Other: Personal Collection DVD Spoilers: Not really Grade: Chocolate I think my love of a) actual escape rooms and b) movies where strangers are trapped together and trying to … Continue reading

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“I Like You.”

It’s February, people. The month of luv. But for those of you who are bored of luv — and who can blame you, if you are — we at My Geek Blasphemy have something better to offer you instead: murder, … Continue reading

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“What Did Jung Say About Glowsticks?”

So, found footage movies . . . not my fave. I mean, there are good ones. I’m not saying there aren’t, but the whole shaky cam thing is . . . just . . . so . . . done. My … Continue reading

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“I Only Keep Pets I Can Eat.”

I was talking to a co-worker recently about horror movies, and she was shocked to find out that I hadn’t watched either of the Paranormal Activity movies yet. I was genuinely interested in the first one when it came out, … Continue reading

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“I Had A Good Day”

So, I watched Cloverfield awhile back, and I don’t know what everyone was bitching about, but honestly? It kind of rocked. Cloverfield’s another one of those movies that’s shot entirely through shaky cam (I’m sorry, cinema veritae. No, we don’t take … Continue reading

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