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“We Share the Dark” at Curious Fictions!

Morning! I forgot to write about this here last week, so I’m mentioning it now: I decided to give Curious Fictions a try! CF is a website where authors can post stories that they’ve previously published in other magazines. Yours … Continue reading

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Story Publication: Secrets at Strange Horizons

In writing news today: I have a story out at Strange Horizons! A few things you may or may not find interesting: A. “Three May Keep a Secret” is a YA story with a questioning bisexual protagonist and her new … Continue reading

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My Own Dream Show – A Cast of Characters

Last week, I asked for everyone else’s dream casts. Today I provide my own. Instead of a team-oriented space opera, as I’d originally intended, I came up with the idea for a Twin Peaks-esque show, only with less icky┬árape and … Continue reading

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The 2016 Book Superlatives (Length: EPIC)

It is time, my friends. Yesterday, I posted the list of all the books and graphic novels I’ve read in 2016, and today I will review them in my customary way: superlatives! (Clearly, a tormented piece of my soul will … Continue reading

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Season Premiere Round-Up: September 6th-September 29th

So, the 2016-2017 Fall TV Season has begun. Lots of new and returning shows have already started, and I haven’t watched even half of them, because it’s been a bit busy for me lately, and also because I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Results are in. Your favorite haunted house movie? Poltergeist was actually leading the pack for most of the week, but┬áThe Shining made a sizable comeback over the weekend, winning with 43.33% of the vote. I’m not a huge fan of … Continue reading

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Because Casper Is Not Your Friend . . .

If you really like movies—and not just a little, but enough that your friends tease/complain/admonish that you never talk about anything else—then you’re going to hear this dreaded question at some point: “So, what’s your favorite movie?” I don’t know, … Continue reading

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