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World’s Worst Trekkie: Carlie Takes On “Who Mourns For Adonais?”

Mythology and sci-fi–especially on television–go together like PB + J: Battlestar Galactica. Stargate. That one episode of SeaQuest DSV where our heroes stumble across Poseidon. I’m not at all surprised that Kirk and co. managed to run afoul of a Greek god … Continue reading

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MEGA Coming Soon-Ish: Not-So-Live From Comic Con

It’s been years since I’ve gone to Comic Con. I’m always deeply envious when it’s going on, but luckily, the internet provides some of the shiny without me having to get up at the crack of dawn for a 5:00pm panel … Continue reading

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Coming Soon-Ish: Superheroes, Turtles, Raptures, and Gone Girl

X-Men: Days of Future Past This is the final trailer for Days of Future Past, and I’ll admit, it’s a pretty good one, enough to spark a little more interest in me. It sucks, how disenchanted I’ve become with the X-Men … Continue reading

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Coming Soon-Ish: Spiderman, Hercules, and the Wachowskis

Jupiter Ascending Huh. This looks . . . interesting. I don’t know a lot about this movie, but from the trailer and the IMDb summary, it looks kind of like an intergalactic fairytale, which could potentially be kind of awesome. … Continue reading

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“Just Fix My Body . . . And Leave My Soul to Me.”

Sometimes, I’m lazy. Okay, often I’m lazy. And when my sister watches a movie without me — especially when it’s one I have no interest in at all — I’m like, hey, why don’t you write a review of that? … Continue reading

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“It Must Feel Like Your God Abandoned You.”

Just before I went to Clarion West last summer, a little movie called Prometheus came out. Some of my fellow classmates went to see this movie that first weekend, while I skipped out — I was tired and, frankly, I’ve never … Continue reading

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Sarcasm does come with its downsides. Last week, while gently mocking the trailer for Wrath of the Titans, I mentioned that I would likely never watch the movie, as I’d never bothered to see the first one. The very next … Continue reading

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