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“To Hell With Dignity. I’ll Leave When the Job’s Done.”

When it comes to James Bond, I’m fairly ambivalent. I find a handful of the Sean Connery movies enjoyable enough —¬†Goldfinger might be my favorite, or at least the one that sticks out the most in my mind — and … Continue reading

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“Give Me Something to Scream About.”

Generally, I enjoy the Friday the 13th series a lot. It’s campy and silly and fun. Of course, some of the movies just suck.

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“This Is Probably the Best Movie Since Volcano!”

Well. It’s the beginning of September, and I feel pretty confident when I say that this is the weirdest fucking movie I have seen and will see all year. Actually, I enjoyed the hell out of it. I just don’t … Continue reading

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“Do You Remember the Game Plan? The Game Plan Was if They’re Weird, We Leave. This is Beyond Weird.”

Well, I’m home alone and will continue to be alone all night. It’s dark. And it’s very nearly a full moon. I guess it’s time to start watching horror movies again. Sadly, I think my expectations might have been a … Continue reading

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