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Lil Spooky Reviews: The Thing, The Haunting, and The Haunting of Hill House

Well, Halloween’s behind us, so this is the last of these little horror reviews for a while . . . but possibly not the last of these “Watch A Handful of Things And Write About Them In One Go” posts. … Continue reading

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Lil Spooky Reviews: Halloween, House on Haunted Hill, and MORE House on Haunted Hill

Well, we’ve officially hit October and Halloween season, i.e., the best season of the year. I’m woefully behind on my horror movie watching, and while I’d love to write my typical three-to-seven thousand word essays on every film I see, … Continue reading

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“There’s Something in the Fog!”

A couple of days ago, I realized, It’s going to be February next week, and I haven’t watched a single horror film yet. Shame on you, Carlie. Shame! After feeling shameful for a proper period of time, I looked on … Continue reading

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“I Heard You Were Dead.”

The thing you have to know about me is, I’ve seen OverboardĀ about 876 times. It’s one of my mother’s favorite movies, and I grew up with it the way other kids might have grown up watchingĀ E.T. or The Dark Crystal. … Continue reading

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