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“It Is Not Nice To Throw People!”

This is it! THIS IS IT! The last Disney Princess Movie! HA HA HA, no one can force me to watch a terrible punishment movie now because I am a WINNER!!!!!! Ahem. Unlike virtually everyone else on the planet, I’ve … Continue reading

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Season Premiere Round-Up: September 6th-September 29th

So, the 2016-2017 Fall TV Season has begun. Lots of new and returning shows have already started, and I haven’t watched even half of them, because it’s been a bit busy for me lately, and also because I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Which Show Would You Actually Want To Revisit?

I recently read that Prison Break is the latest TV show to potentially get the ‘Let’s Revisit This With a Possibly Limited Series’ deal. Other shows with this deal: The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Heroes, and — of course — Coach. Because nothing makes more … Continue reading

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Marshmallows, Your Spin-Off is Here

Last week I posted teasers for the CW’s Veronica Mars meta-comedy spin-off web series, Play it Again, Dick. And now the very first episode is up. I just watched it, and I’m definitely going to continue. The fake credit reel is … Continue reading

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Coming Soon-Ish: Rom-Coms, Cronenberg, and Dick Casablancas

Playing It Cool When I dreamed of Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie teaming up again, this isn’t what I had in mind. On the plus side: extremely solid cast. Besides Evans and Mackie, we also have Aubrey Plaza, Luke Wilson, … Continue reading

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