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“Okay, I’m Just Going to Come Right Out and Say I Have No Idea What’s Going On.”

While I was in Reno last weekend, a super-hyped and nerdtacular movie called Godzilla came out. I did not go and see it. I thought about going to see it, but instead went to watch another nerdy movie, albeit one that premiered months and months … Continue reading

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Coming Soon-Ish: Dean Koontz, Johnny Depp, and Vampires Teaching Sexual Abstinence

Odd Thomas Well. This looks kind of like cheesy, shlocky fun. It doesn’t look very much like the book I vaguely remember reading about a decade ago, which is kind of unfortunate because I liked that book. But I also like … Continue reading

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“Maybe It’s Time We Stopped Trying to Outsmart the Truth, and Let It Have Its Day.”

Finally. I thought I’d never finish this thing. I don’t think the movie’s perfect — I certainly don’t think it’s as good as The Dark Knight — but it is, ultimately, a very satisfying end to a trilogy.

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“You Either Die a Hero, or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villain.”

Well, here it is, the last of the Batman movies. (Until July.) The Dark Knight Rises has a lot to live up to.

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“I Won’t Kill You, But I Don’t Have to Save You.”

Batman & Robin seemingly killed the franchise with just two words: Bat Nipples. But in 2005, Christopher Nolan managed to ressurect the dead. While I have a couple of problems with it (I have a couple of problems with everything), … Continue reading

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