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“A Pack of Vultures At the Feast: Knives Out, Beaks Bloody.”

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday, a stressful mix of good food, family dysfunction, and bullshit historical narratives. (Football and parades, too, if that’s your jam. FWIW, today also happens to be my birthday, and as you read this, I may … Continue reading

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Which Show Would You Actually Want To Revisit?

I recently read that Prison Break is the latest TV show to potentially get the ‘Let’s Revisit This With a Possibly Limited Series’ deal. Other shows with this deal: The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Heroes, and — of course — Coach. Because nothing makes more … Continue reading

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“Oh, You Wouldn’t Know Them, Darling. They’re Respectable.”

Mek and I liked The Thin Man so much, we decided to watch the sequel. The second of five sequels, actually: After the Thin Man. This is a Baby Review, and be forewarned: there will be SPOILERS throughout. 1. The world is sexist, even … Continue reading

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“The Murderer is Right in This Room, Sitting at This Table. You May Serve the Fish.”

I love writing my excessively wordy reviews, but sometimes they are a bit draining because — unfortunately — I’m not a particularly fast writer, and 3,000 words of snarky analysis actually does take me a while. So I think I … Continue reading

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