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World’s Worst Trekkie: Carlie Takes On “The Devil in the Dark”

Years ago, at DragonCon, I watched Mother Horta take home the crown at the annual Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant. Of course, that mostly meant I had to do some quick Googling because, not having actually watched TOS yet, I … Continue reading

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“I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way.”

I’m so close now. I’m so, so close. Sadly, out of the eleven westerns I’ve watched thus far, The Wild Bunch was definitely not one of my favorites.

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“People Must Know That They’re Going to Die, and Yet They Live as Though They Never Will.”

I am definitely behind on my westerns. I need to catch up if I don’t want to subject myself to another horrifying experience like Battlefield Earth. Which I don’t. I really, really don’t. So Mek and I watched The Good, the Bad, … Continue reading

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“It’s Either Me or Santa. I Suggest Santa.”

Continuing with the not-so-wholesome Christmas movies . . . This is the best evil Santa movie you’re probably ever going to find.

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