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A Nerd’s Commentary on the 2015 Superbowl

Well, the Superbowl happened. 1. I’m sure people have a variety of pre-game rituals, but apparently mine has become flipping back and forth between the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet and the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark. This is probably the … Continue reading

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“Okay, I’m Just Going to Come Right Out and Say I Have No Idea What’s Going On.”

While I was in Reno last weekend, a super-hyped and nerdtacular movie called Godzilla came out. I did not go and see it. I thought about going to see it, but instead went to watch another nerdy movie, albeit one that premiered months and months … Continue reading

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“Just Fix My Body . . . And Leave My Soul to Me.”

Sometimes, I’m lazy. Okay, often I’m lazy. And when my sister watches a movie without me — especially when it’s one I have no interest in at all — I’m like, hey, why don’t you write a review of that? … Continue reading

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“Overkill is Underrated”

I’ve definitely been on a cheesy action movie run lately. Last night’s viewing: The A-Team. Hee hee hee.

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