“Well, Here, Lads. You’ve Discovered a Species Hitherto Unknown to Science, Quite Possibly Non-Terrestial in Origin, and You Kicked It’s Fuckin’ Head In.”

Taking a brief break from superhero movies—I realize the last six films I’ve reviewed have been The Incredible HulkThe Avengers, and Batman through Batman & Robin—I thought I might try something a little bit different.

I don’t know if it’s my favorite alien invasion movie of all time, but it’s really good.

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“Fuck Me, Freddy.”

As of last Tuesday, my friend Robyn had never seen the atrocity that is the movie Dreamcatcher. And since my sister and I had been meaning to watch it again for years now—just to see if it was quite as horrible as we remembered it being—we happily rented the film when we went to visit her.

In a word: yes. It is.

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“I’m Done Playing With This One. You Want To Play With Me Now?”

A minimalistic plot summary for 30 Days of Night: vampires target and attack a small town in Alaska because the sun won’t be coming up there for a month, as it’s truly a horrible little place to live. Even Josh Hartnett in a sheriff’s uniform could not entice me to live somewhere that depressing. You know why? Because I’m from California.

Now, as far as the actual movie goes . . .

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“Words Create Lies. Pain Can Be Trusted.”

Last December, I had an idea. I would use the year of 2010 to watch all those important horror movies I had never seen, the greats, the classics, the Japanese, and then I would write what I thought about them online. From the very beginning, Audition has always been near the top of my list, a movie I would watch, no matter what, by New Years Day. And on October 11th, a mild, Sunday evening, I finally sat down and did it. I watched Takashe Miike’s masterpiece, the film that, reportedly, was too hard to watch for Rob Zombie.

And. . . I’m sorry, fellow horror geeks. I really am, but . . . I was a little disappointed.

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