A Not-Quite-Wine Pairing: Carlie St. George and RADIOHEAD

Here’s a very silly thing.

Months ago, there was this writer meme on Twitter: imagine if Hollywood decided to make adaptations out of all your stories. The catch? You can only pick one singer or band to provide the soundtracks for each film or show. Which do you choose?

I thought Massive Attack. I thought Arcade Fire. I thought Nine Inch Nails, The Naked and Famous, The Rolling Stones. But in the end, there was only one possible choice for me, a band whose music I’ve adored for over a decade, a band who I’d happily watch score westerns or horror movies or sci-fi apocalypses: Radiohead.

And then, being ridiculous, I spent the next few months actually trying to pick one Radiohead song per published story. Which song just somehow fit what I had written? Which song could I hear while making a fanvid in my head?

Luckily for you all, I have no idea how to make a halfway decent fanvid of anything, much less my own prose. But since I can make silly lists, I present . . .

A Not-Quite-Wine Pairing: Carlie St. George and RADIOHEAD

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