Sometimes, I regret not having grown up in the 1950’s and 60’s when impressionable young children could ride their bicycles down to the local theater and see a double feature of cheap grindhouse and bad monster movies. (Everything I know about the 50’s, by the way, I learned in a Stephen King story.)

So I was pretty happy when my theater of choice — the Roxy — started having Cult Film Nights once a week. Last Thursday, I left my comfy couch to meet my friend Lindsey for a showing of Gremlins and Silent Night, Deadly Night.

I had every intention of reviewing both films on this blog, but right now I don’t actually have a lot to say about Gremlins — possibly because I need a second viewing before I make up my mind, or possibly because the insanity that was Silent Night, Deadly Night just obliterated my brain for anything else that came before it.


Oh yes. This was a very special Christmas movie.

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