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“Be Good To Him, And He Will Be Good To You.”

Splatterfest is poorly named. Despite the wide variety of choices my sister and I select every year, my friends–oh yes, friends, I’m throwing you under the bus!–always select the least gory contender to watch and mock. Which doesn’t mean there’s any … Continue reading

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Splatterfest did not exactly go off without a hitch this year. There were sick cats to contend with, early morning work that could not be ignored, friends who didn’t show up, pizza places who failed to give us the chocolate ice cream … Continue reading

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“Don’t Ask Me Why I Can’t Leave Without My Wife, And I Won’t Ask Why You Can.”

Finally, the last movie to come from Splatterfest’s leftovers . . . This is a decent (if somewhat flawed) horror movie about your neighbors trying to kill you.

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“Remember, When The Tooth Fairy Comes . . . Don’t Peek.”

For Splatterfest, Mek and I chose four movie options that we could watch-and-mock with our friends. Amusingly, the two runners up—Red State and The Crazies—easily had the most actual splatter of the four films. But when mockery is a key point … Continue reading

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