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Coming Soon-Ish: Okja, Star Trek, Superheroes, And Lady Wrestlers

Star Trek: Discovery I’m gonna watch this cause, like, Star Trek, but I’m only so-so on the trailer and it’s probably gonna need to hook me fast. Cause this CBS All Access crap? Bullshit. Initial random thoughts: A. Great to watch awesome … Continue reading

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The 2016 Movie Superlatives (Only Two Weeks Late!)

Let me be honest with you guys: 2016 was not my best year for movies. On the upside, I finished my Disney Princess Movie Challenge! On the downside, well . . . 2016 was probably a record low for how … Continue reading

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Dragon Con 2016: The Recap

In which the author goes to her third DragonCon, dresses up in various nerdy costumes, buys a bunch of nerdy things, visits puppet museums, fails as an artist, eats a decent amount of food, and proves that she has no … Continue reading

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“Is That Classical?”

Plenty of Trekkies despise NuTrek Abramsverse the Kelvin Timeline, but–as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before–I’m really not one of them. I’m a completely unabashed fan of the 2009 Star Trek, and while I think Into Darkness has some deeply frustrating problems, I don’t … Continue reading

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“What Does God Need With A Starship?”

Okay, here’s the thing: when Star Trek Into Darkness came out, fans were pretty critical across the board. I do know a few people who liked it. I know more who thought it was pretty terrible, and others who consider it … Continue reading

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Dragon Con, 2014!

Hello, world! I’m HOME! Where have I been, you might ask? Well, thank you for the hypothetical question: I just got back from Dragon Con in Atlanta, and if I’m reading particularly punchy today, that’s probably because I’ve had, at … Continue reading

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In Geek News Today: Redshirts is Coming to a TV Near You

Holy shit. John Scalzi’s Hugo-award winning novel, Redshirts, is being made into a TV series with a limited run for FX. (If you can’t guess from the title, the book is something of a Star Trek parody, but it’s a little more than … Continue reading

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