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“You Can’t Have My Heart.”

After the, ah, experience that was Batman & Robin, my friends and I went looking for a new drinking game movie. The final pick? It wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting, probably because I’m still fresh off Battlefield Earth. But that … Continue reading

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“We Might As Well Shoot Each Other Now And Get It Over With.”

I remember when Zombieland first came out, people were calling it America’s answer to Shaun of the Dead . . . as if Shaun of the Dead had been some kind of challenge, a war cry from England screaming, “Beat that, fuckers!” You … Continue reading

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“Everyone Believes in Him A Little Bit, Even Guys Like You Who Pretend You Don’t.”

I remember the first time I heard about this movie. I was at Comic Con, watching Trailer Frenzy, when a preview for Devil started. At first, everyone seemed to be into it—more than they were into cutesy crap like Alpha and … Continue reading

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The Lamentation of Their Women—Best Band Name, Ever

So, I went through a very important Geek Milestone yesterday. I watched, for the very first time, Conan the Barbarian. . . . hee hee hee . . . I didn’t feel like writing out a full-on review for Conan, but I … Continue reading

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